What is your insulin to carb ratio, and how often does it need adjusting?

I was just curious how these numbers vary in different people, and how often they change.

Mine’s 1:8, but I am very carb-sensitive, and eat as few as I can manage. So about 65% of my daily insulin is basal, and 35% bolus. Most people seem to go about 50-50.

I use 1:10. This has varied widely in the past 7 years, ranging from 1:15 to 2:15 (or about 1:7.5). Granted much of the time I’ve used carb counting I was a teen going through puberty, which I’m sure affects it! Switching from MDI to pumping changed it as well. Even changing pumps, I had to adjust my I:C ratio because of the difference in deliverty rate of boluses and basals between the two pumps.

when i was injecting, my carb ratios were
breakfast - no insulin (i didn’t eat breakfast)
lunch - 1:4
dinner - 1:5

but now i’m on the pump and everythings corrected
breakfast - 1:6 (i now have fruit for breakfast)
lunch: 1:8 (got changed a year ago as i was hypoing straight after lunch at 1:6)
dinner - 1:5 (got changed about 6 months ago, when i was going slightly higher after dinner)

my total daily dose is normally around 90-100 units, 50:50 basal/bolus
but lately my total daily does is normally around 80-90 units, 55:45 basal/bolus


Mine are 1:7, 1:8 and 1:18. My TDD is around 25, but probably will be somewhat less as I am starting on the pump tomorrow. My ratios have been pretty stable for quite awhile. I look at a page of numbers (4 weeks) at the end of that period and make decisions as to whether anything needs to be tweaked but have stayed pretty steady for months. I have had problems with having to tweak my basal dose every few weeks but I’m hoping that will lessen when I’m stable on the pump numbers.

Oh if there was only 1 insulin to carb ratio…

Breakfast - 1:10
Post Breakfast / Snack - 1:18
Lunch - 1:12
Dinner - 1:15
Bedtime Snack - 1:20

And that’s not even considering the basal rates that change through out the day.
Good thing the pump figures it all out for me, I can’t do math on the fly anymore.

At the moment I’m on holidays and it’s 1:12 at breakfast, and 1:10 for the rest of the day, but when I’m working it is(or at least was two weeks ago)
breaskfast - 1:14
lunch - 1:20
dinner - 1:12

I find myself needing to tweak it about every fortnight.

DN is a young teen. ICR 1 to 6.5 breakfast; 1 to 7 lunch and dinner, recently lowered from 1 to 8. I changed ICR down and lowered basals for lunch and dinner time period. With higher basals, use 1 to 8. ICRs are far more stable than the basals which change frequently, but only in the evening hours. I do have to adjust basals if I change the ICRs.

I use 1:6 for breakfast, 1:12 for lunch and 1:15 for dinner. Mine tend to stay fairly stable and I haven’t changed those for awhile, unlike my basal rates!

breakfast is 1:20

lunch 1:30

dinner 1:15

im young, male, faily active during the day and not overweight so im sure that plays a role in it. my ratios change pretty much weekly and i asked my dr if it mormal for it to change so much and she said yup thats normal :-/

im on MDI but just got my ping and starting that in 2 weeks :slight_smile:

I am not sure 1 unit per 4 carbs or 1 per 3.

Between 1:20 and 1:22 for breakfast and lunch.
1:25 for dinner.

It fluctuates a fair bit but not drastically, as long as I follow my exercise program. When I’m off my program for a month or so, it drops to around 1:15. It will bottom out at 1:8 after extended periods of inactivity.

right now 1:12.TDD is 25-30 units, and I seem to need to change my ratios (and basals) 3-4 x per year at least…sometimes more.

Currently I am 1:15 at breakfast and lunch, and 1:18 at dinner andbedtime. This has been pretty stable.for me since starting the pump about 8 months ago.

mine is 1:8 for each meal. For corrections its 1 unit for every 60 points i need to go down to reach my goal. Once I am on the pump I am sure my I:C will be different. If needed, I can do a 1:7

Mine is 1:12 at the moment, but it depends a LOT on how active I am, what time of the month it is, how much I weigh (trying to lose weight right now), and so on. Over the past few years it’s varied from 1:8 to 1:14 or so, and would probably be even higher if I wasn’t overweight. Often on weekends I will use a slightly higher ratio for breakfast (1:10 at the moment), but not on weekdays and not for any other meals. Typically I have to adjust it up or down by 1:2 or 1:3 every few weeks due to hormones, and my basal rates also need corresponding adjustment by about 0.15 or 0.20 u/hr up or down. Fun stuff.

So you’re giving us old ladies a good reason to be glad we’ve hit menopause? LOL!!!

Varies often but roughly,

Breakfast 1:22
Lunch 1:25
Dinner 1:20

MDI (tdd 10-18 units), use a smaller ratio in evening for tail off of long acting before new injection starts.