How much could I have gotten out of this?

Back in 2006, I was a naive 19 year old kid. I had just gotten a job at a local BBQ restaurant, but didn’t disclose that i was a diabetic. Long story short, after I had already told him that it was insulin pump, the owner asked to see it. I handed it to him and he said “You can’t listen to your MP3 player here.” then took it to his office and shut the door. I tried calling the police to come and get it but they never came. Finally, I had to call 911 as a medical reason saying I was getting sick from not having my insulin. The paramedics came and when the owner saw them he showed no empathy, just like “Whatever”. They checked my sugar and it was 270 something then they called in a code on their walkie talkie which meant for the police to get there right away. An officer did come and made the owner give it back. I finished up the shift and worked there only 4 days or so. I never contacted a lawyer about this but for whatever reason lately it has dawn upon me that I probably could have sued the crap out of that man. Nothing I can do about it now I don’t think, but do any of you know what would have come from that if I had pursued legal action?

Dunno about a financial settlement but if you could just have had a court order him to have “d*****bag” tatooed on his forehead that would have been a pretty fair resolution.

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Question though? was this an Omnipod? B/c I would have thought with an ordinary pump, when it came to the point of detaching the tubing that might have made it rather unmistakeable that “MP3 player” was not quite right…


You would have to prove damages and, barring any type of medical bills having been incurred, they’d probably be about zero dollars so it would very much be an uphill battle to prove damages other than what you would complain about. If you fall down, break your arm and have xrays showing screws and plates holding your elbow together, that is objective evidence of damages, not to mention the stack of medical bills, etc. that would prove up your case.

It is certainly weird and creepy but like @DrBB I also wonder what sort of pump it was. The whole scene seems a bit odd. Most restaurants I worked in were pretty busy, managers wouldn’t have had time for that sort of antic as they were getting ready for the next shift or cleaning up to get the hell out of there.

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Nope. It was a Minimed.

If you detached the MM pump at the skin site and handed it to him, it would have had the tubing hanging from it when he took it. Surely, he could see that was not an MP player at that point. I am not sure you are giving all the details that would help this to make sense.

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I detached it under my shirt - he didn’t see it come off. Maybe he thought the tubing was wear the music came out of. Keep in mind, this is Alabama; most people around here aren’t very bright.

Careful now. I was born and raised in the mid-South, even in the much maligned Mississippi. Somehow, I was able to graduate from high school, college, and get a master’s degree and a PhD. I guess that I must have found a couple of brain cells lying around under the cotton plants that I picked as a kid.
Mississippi consistently ranks as a top state in charity giving by proportion of income. How about your state? And, Mississippians are as friendly as they come, if you don’t come with a chip on your shoulder. Ditto Alabama. Not to say there aren’t some duds in every state I have visited and lived in–which includes a few north of the Mason-Dixon. Many still say “ain’t” in the mid-South but I will take those with poor grammar and good common sense and “street smarts” over most any other category of people.
You touched a nerve so you got this rant. I truly hate it when my state or sister state are painted with a broad negative brush just because it is easy to do.

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Re Diabetes cases, I have shared AC vs. Shelby County before. It’s not exactly the same facts buthas an interesting, if horiffic account of a school district that, in terms of the complaint, seems to have been accused of bullying the plaintiff, a young girl. That situation has important differences from @Cocheze’s situation, in that while young, he would qualify as an adult in terms of his decision making-capacity and knowing right from wrong.

The manager certainly seems to have been bullying Cocheze too, if events occurred in that manner but you would need evidence as to what your BG was, then you’d need an expert to prove the damages, so that would likely cost several thousand dollars and then the other side would need to dig up an expert to argue that a singular elevated BG, or perhaps more correctly hours of elevated BG, is somehow damaging. I’ve seen many DOC posts assuring us that an elevated BG every now and then isn’t that big of a deal in which case the defense (the restaurant…) would be able to argue that while evil and nasty, there’s not in fact, any damage so you were not entitled to anything. I would like to see BG control and BG testing both recognized as civil rights however I am not aware of too many cases where they have been so recognized, although the AC vs. Shelby county opinion seems to lean very strongly in that direction.