Have you ever gotten your pump stolen?!

TODAY! i just go off of work and i looked in my purse and my omnipod pdm wasn’t there. there has been alot of theft at my work somebody just got there purse stolen yesterday! I am so sad!! i need my pod!!! who ever did this!!! why??? i need it to live.!! they probably thught it was a cell phone or something!
words cant describe how i feel right now! i have never been so mad!

Wow…I am sorry that happened! :frowning:

Was it the pod itself or the device that goes with it? Did you let your boss know?

Wow, that’s awful! That’s also one really big downside of the OmniPod system, unfortunately. You can lose the PDA or leave it at home or at work or in a club… I know your basal will keep running but I guess that will stop after the pod hits the third day. How much does a new PDA cost?

I was on a bus coming home from work and was dozing off. I woke up and felt something was wrong. I reached for my pump, which I keep clipped to my jeans pocket, and it wasn’t there. I found that it was stuck between the seat & side wall of the bus. I was wondering how it could have gotten unclipped and then I noticed a HAND on my seat. I turned around and the guy sitting behind me was leaning forward with his head resting on the back of my seat (these are nice buses, with high seats that recline). It was impossible for his to have accidentally fallen on my seat. He had to really work it to wedge it under the arm rest and wall of the bus. I said loudly, “Do you mind keeping your hands to yourself” and then also called him a thief. I made sure people heard and looked over.

I’ve seen the guy on the bus since then and have seen him leaning against the backs of chairs with his hand on the seat in front. I make sure to tell everyone about him when I see him on the bus.

I guess he thought I had an MP3 player of phone.

Craziness! As if having diabetes wasn’t enough! Back to dealing with ignorant people. I’m so sorry to hear about your pump Alyssa. I would do your best to raise a stink at your work and make it a point that you need it to live. Try to old “i don’t care who took it, please put it back on my desk or drawer or whatever” Let us know how things turn out.

ive never had my pump stolen but when i was in 5th grade i had recently gotten my pump and we had a new substitute teacher. well she thought that my pump was a cell phone and pulled it from my pocket and ripped it out. needless to say she was fired immediatly!!!

That is absolutely horrible. The thought of it sends a chill up my spine. We will all be thinking of you. Please post and let us know how you get it resolved. Any chance it could have been caught on surveillance video?

Most companies take precautions for things like this and you need to get the police involved if your company or management isn’t helpful. When I worked in a restaurant, the wait staff had locking personal lockers. When I worked in retail, we kept the purses locked up in a cabinet and the manager was the only one with the key. Every night, after we locked up the front doors, we all inspected one another’s bags. When I taught in a low income school, surveillance cameras were our only means of recourse if something was taken (purses and Rx meds were a huge target, but the kids always got caught). But it seems like there’s always some way to find the guilty party.

I’m SO sorry to hear about this… hope that you can find it. If not, you should report to Omnipod that it is missing. Perhaps tell them that this is making you wonder whether it is better to be on another insulin pump that is actually attached to you for security reasons. Maybe they will send you a new one.

hey eveyone, im doing alot better. i was just so upset that somebody could do this! They probably dont even realize that it is a medical deivce. I called insulet and they said its a 300 dollar replacement fee but i cant put the order in until monday. thanks for all your support!!! you guys are the best! i hope you all have a good weekend.

This is outrageous, I just don’t understand some people. How disrespectful can people be? Is it his? NO People just can’t respect personal space. Sheesh.

Alyssa, Liz, Julie, and Chadd -

These are all horrible stories. Fortunately none of them ended catastrophic (although still horrible!).

Unfortunately, this is the world we live in. Criminals don’t feel sympathy – they don’t care who they are hurting when they commit their crime (for the most part, anyway). I’ve always felt relatively safe that the pump was tethered to me and that I would immediately feel it if someone tried to take it away (not to mention that they’d feel some resistance). Hearing some of these stories, I’m not so sure. I take a train and a subway to work every day – and in New York, anything can happen.

Liz, if this guy’s behavior is predictable, I’d call it in to the bus company or the police - an undercover can likely catch this guy in the act. We hear it every day, ad nauseum, in New York: “If you see something, say something”.

Omg. What did you do.
I’d be pissd. Hope you find it.

I’m sorry to hear this… It is always sad to be ripped off and harder when it’s done by some one you know . Try posting at work what it is and how important it is for your health. Let them know that it would have no value to them and ask them to return it ;no questions asked. It might not work but it’s worth the try. Who knows you might hit a spot of compation.

WOW, I am so sorry this happened. No one should have items stolen, but especially an item you need to live. I absolutely suggest that you call the police and file a report. One way to reduce theft is to make sure police do a complete investigation. Nothing like causing a little discomfort to cause a thief to think twice. Hopefully since it is medical device, the police will do a complete investigation including questioning various possible suspects.

It almost seems like Omipod should stamp the device with some kind of symbols that denote a medical device. Now the issue with that is of course, it identifies it as a something of value that can be taken and bargained with. In restaurants with those pagers, they still suffer a small loss rate, even though, the pagers will not work without the base station. It woudl seem to me that there is a market here for insurers to step in.

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