How much is normal?

Ran out of insulin early this month. Went to the pharmacy to figure out why my meds weren’t due and found that since my doctor changed my rates, i’ve been using more insulin so needed to change the amounts I receive from the pharmacy.

In doing the math to figure out how much insulin I’ve been using, I’ve found all in all I’m using about 35-40 units a day. is this normal? I feel like that is a ton of insulin for a pumper.

granted I’ve been eating more since I’ve undertaken some home renovations and find I am burning a ton of calories.
Also I have trouble with staying low carb, I feel like I’m hungry all the time. when you have a hectic life it’s hard to eat every couple hours. I feel like it’s better if I eat a little more carbs so that I can space out meals and snacks. does that make sense?

I am nervous about this total though, is this a crazy amount to you pumping pros?

No, that is not a huge amount of insulin. But there is not such thing as “normal”. We are all different in our insulin needs, even among Type 1’s. The right amount for you is what works to keep your blood sugar in range most of the time.

As for food we are all different there too. Not everyone can eat low carb, though there is no doubt people who do have fabulous results. I, for example, eat what I call moderate/low - under 100 per day. Considering everything this is what works for me. But I am probably olderds and less active than you and my food needs have definitely decreased. I don’t eat every couple hours, that wouldn’t work at all for me. I eat three meals a day and nothing in between. I feel satisfied, enjoy creative cooking, and am able to be a vegetarian which I want to do and I don’t gain weight. Those are all the things that are important to me. YMMV.

The only downside to this amazing site is when we compare ourselves unfavorably to others and think we aren’t “doing diabetes right”. If it works well for you, than it’s right!

All that matters is that your BG is stable. Whether the amount of insulin is more or less than someone else is immaterial. 35-40 units isn’t a large amount & there is no “normal.” Everyone eats differently, we all have a unique metabolism, different activity levels, age, weight & hormone response.

I eat low carb & don’t eat every few hours. If you’re constantly hungry, you may not be eating enough protein.

Be well & don’t worry.