How often do you experience a low blood sugar episode?

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“How often do you experience a low blood sugar episode?”

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Remember it is VERY important to always have something handy to help you treat episodes of hypoglycemia.

today my before food was 74 and after it was 164, what does that mean

Dear Curtis,
How long after your food - 1 hour? 2 hours? Usually the after food 2-hour test should be within 20 above the before-food test. You’re doing great to test! Write these down - the before -meal test, the number of grams of carbs you ate, then the 2 hours-test after the meal. A couple weeks of this, then take it to the doc if the 2-hour test is still way above where you started. 74 is on the lower part of average and fine before meal.
You didn’t mention how many grams carbohydrate were in the meal. This plays a part. It may be that your body can handle a smaller number of grams of carbs and maybe that meal was really heavy in carbs (starch, fruit, milk, and to a lesser degree, veggies). So determining a level of carbs is important to what you take to the doctor. Look at the package and see what a portion’s carbohydrate grams is. or go online and find out.
For example, a small fist size of spaghetti is 15 grams, some sauce on top is probably another 15, a whale of a lot of cooked veggies covering a half plate can be 15, a half-cup of fruit may be 15, etc. Total it up and then write down the 2 hr. test result. You might write down on the page a day what length of time you exercised or what your pedometer showed! All this will help a doctor determine what needs changing - or if your body is able to continue handling the carbs you’re putting in without medication help. - And keep us informed. This could be a subject under the heading “What does this blood sugar mean?” Best wishes as you work with it. Glad you have someone there to help you.
If this is your recurring test 2 hours after food a doctor can prescribe something to help lower it. Exercise helps. Losing weight to whatever is normal for your height can help.
I noticed you’re pre-diabetic, you say, so keep going back to the doctor. You want to get your A1c lower.