How often do you really need to change an infusion set?

Ok so I’ve been type one for 16 years. I’ve been pumping almost the whole time . I kinda have anxiety about changing my sites. I diligently changed them every three days for a long time but for about three or four years have been changing them once a week and they work just as well with no problems!! Does anyone else do this?

I did do a 5-6 day change for a while till I saw a slight infection when I removed my old site once - now I’m scared to let it go any longer than 3 days :sweat:

I did four days for a while and I HAD noticed a drop off in effectiveness after three days. By this time, I had been doing the four day thing long enough that I had two or three boxes of infusion sets. So my thought was, “I have three boxes of back-up. There’s no reason NOT to change it every three days. I’ll still have these extra ones for security.”

Yeah it’s so different for everyone. If I felt the slightest itch or anything I would change it.I know this sounds terrifying but ive had one in for 9 and it felt and looked fine. Blood sugars were fine too.

That’s a good point. If I wasn’t such a spazz about changing it, I would every three just to be safe.

It appears that your body can tolerate infusion sets for longer than average. I would be concerned about possibly over-using a site and making it less viable in the long run.

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I agree with Terry4. There’s no way I’d let my daughter go longer than 3 days. The risks of developing lipoatrophy or lipodystrophy are not risks I’m willing to take.

I do have that concern also. When I do rotate I do it far away from the last one. I have felt around for any lumps, and if I ever find one I will take action and change. Thanks for your reply. I’m new here and it’s so nice to have people who get it.


Yeah thats the best thing for her. Especially since its so different for everyone. If I ever find that starting to happen(I do check regularly) I will change my areas and do every three days again .

With two minor surgeries to correct site infections, I switch at 3 days no matter. I also switch if the site itches or stings. Those two gashing wounds were terrible. I would never ever want to repeat that. 3 and out all the time. It only takes one. The second was the result of the first.

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I change mine every 2 days. I use contact steel inset- I do notice a difference with better Bg and avoiding highs etc. sometimes I leave them a bit longer but not much now. My pump is a bit confusing with its reminders so I have to check the history if I’m unsure if I got the reminder. I would never leave mine for a week- I get quite a lot if site irritation, inflammation, pain, itching etc.

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There’s a smartphone App called Set Change. It puts a reminder on your home screen and repeats it every hour until you tell it you have changed your set. Reminds you when your set should be changed without having to faff about checking your pump history. You can select how many days you use for your rotation. I use an iPhone, but I think there’s an Android version too. The best £0.99 I ever spent

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I love how there’s an app for everything!

My Dr said every 3-5 days since I use very little insulin.

Thanks jjm, I will look for that app… I hope I have room for it… I will have to remember to set it each time I change an inset. Today I changed it later due to tons to do and I ended up high for hours.

Just checked the app store and it seems “Set Change” is no longer available. What a pity.

However there is an app called “My Insulin Pump”. I don’t know it but at first glance it seems to be a more sophisticated app that tracks sensor changes too.

My Medtronic pump has an infusion set change reminder, but I don’t like it, because it is linked to reservoir change. I would like a reminder linked to cannula fill, because I don’t change cannula and tubing/reservoir simultaneously. My reservoir lasts more than three days. Why would I waste my time (and insulin!) changing everything every three days? Do you guys do that?

I change my infusion set every 2 days. I change my reservoir and tubing when the level falls below 10 units. That averages around every 4 days. I do not co-ordinate the changes (although they do on occasion coincide). I now order 6 boxes of infusion sets and 3 boxes of cartridges at a time. According to the “rules” here 6 months’ supply is supposed to be the maximum you can order at a time. However, as I am on a 2 day not a 3 day rotation, the order actually lasts me a little less than 4 months (allowing for the occasional pulled out or bad set)

I guess I’m old school. I have a little calendar in my bathroom that I use to keep track of pumping events. abbreviations I use:

CC - change of cartridge (reservoir)
C - change infusion set
Batt - change battery
NB - new bottle of insulin
I also note number of units left in the cartridge and make note of how many strips give errors (this is only an issue with one brand of strips I use (I use 3)

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I use Contact Detach steel needle sets and change them once a day. Sometimes I leave it two days, but often my blood sugar goes high on the second day. I also sometimes change it more than once a day if the site gets itchy or irritated at all or if blood sugars go high and won’t come down. I can’t imagine leaving a site in for a week and having it still work. I do leave my Dexcom sensor in for weeks at a time, but usually after the first week I spend the rest of the time putting up with it itching like crazy.