How old were you when diagnosed?

I was diagnosed when I was six, so I've been diabetic for almost a decade now.

I was diagnosed 31 years ago (this coming Saturday is I think my "dia-versary") at age 14.

That makes me a newbie compared to the 50-year folks here :-).


I was diagnosed at age 17 and my diaversary is my real birthday. I was at Disney World when I got sick, Provi8ng it is not always the happiest place on earth.

I was diagnosed at age 9, in 1991. In two months it will be my 22-year diaversary.

I was diagnosed at age 34, November 1 2012.

I was 60, and yes dx'd as T1 right from the start.

If you're type one, then you were diagnosed on t1d day!

Happy diaversary! Mine is in November.

Oh wow!

Haha, have you been back to Disney since?


Yes I am type 1, I had not of heard of t1d day before now...kinda cool I share my dx day with it! :)

Yeah, that is cool! :D The whole month of November is diabetes awareness month.

Diagnosed at age 8.5 in may 2004. next spring it will be my 10year jubilee :wink:

I was 14, July 77, 36 years..

I was dx'd at 10 mo's old. This Oct will be 47 years for me.

I was diagnosed T2 aged 70 3.5 years ago.

I was 24 years old at diagnosis in 1976. In November it will be 37 years for me.

Yes, four times. It seems like it is almost always something when I go back to DisneyWorld. Except my 4th trip, I stayed on the property but never went into the actual parks. It seems my issues are inside the park not outside in the hotels and downtown Disney. Now on a more positive note I have been to DisneyLand three times and only once was there an issue.

PS: No I really am not really all the thrilled about going to Disney Parks. It just sort of seems that way. Two of the trips were personal and the rest were for business or school

I was 30 when diagnosed with T1D. January 2014 will be 30 years, half my life.