How to delete post? Mobile site?

I don’t see a way to delete a post both on my Android phone and on my computer. On my phone, there was only a very thin box where I could see one line at a time and no way of scrolling. Very frustrating.
Also, when I just entered this post, it didn’t bring me to the forum. It just showed some suggested subjects that had nothing to do with what I’m posting. This is not the norm for forums. Usually, after posting, you are brought to the forum where you can see your post listed.
I think I’ll unjoin this organization and check back in the future to see if improvements have been made. For now, it’s just too frustrating.

That thing about the “suggestions” is the Discourse platform’s attempt to prevent duplicate topics (or topics with nearly identical content). It is a suggestion that perhaps what you’re posting has already been discussed. Don’t worry about it, You may have noticed we still have lots of topics on the same subject.

I’m not a frequent user of the mobile site, but if you want to delete something you posted here, click on the 3 little dots under the comment. you’ll then see the trash can icon.

if you want to edit something you’ve posted, and not delete it entirely, click on the little pencil icon.

you can also flag comments, clicking on the flag symbol - this immediately sends a notification to the admin team to take a look - we want to help you have a helpful experience here.

I think that, for some users, the ability to delete posts may not actually exist. At least this is what I have found for me… I can delete comments on others’ posts, but can’t delete posts of my own. It’s quite odd.

If you want to delete the topic (first post) you need to use the little wrench. I dont know if this was your problem. It can be a bit confusing.

It’s so weird. I’ve neven seen a little wrench. I’ve tried to delete posts before (just to see if I can), and even ones with no replies don’t have that option. The only option I can ever find is to edit, but there’s no option within there to delete.

it’s on the upper right of the screen, very near the edge of the screen

Which screen does the wrench appear? Could you please remove me from this website? Thank you.

I can’t find a wrench, and I would really like to delete my post titled, “Trying to help/understand student with Type 1”. Can you help?