How to eat 3 donuts! Fun Video!

This was so much fun to watch!

We all can relate to this I bet!


Very interesting! Thanks for sharing @Marie20

Really 3 they could have done 1 doughnut. Still hard to dose.
I’m not sure I could choke down that much sugar because I’m just not used to it.


That was my first thought. If they considered donuts a splurge, they obviously don’t usually eat something like that. So to pick eating 3 seemed like it would end up being overkill to your taste buds.

On the other hand I bet they won’t eat another donut for a long time!!!

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I know what you mean. I’m tempted to try it because I think I can “beat” them but 3 is a lot. I’d peg them as far more than 100g carbs too, that frosting is deceiving. I just looked up an apple fritter (my personal fav) and it’s 56g of carb.

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It’s so nice seeing a doctor who is diabetic himself and actually having fun with this!

Well, I like donuts (sadly!) but would never eat 3 at a time. Still, if I were doing this test, I would have counted those donuts as at least 95 g (a plain donut alone is usually around 30, and frosted are more), and…why not dual-wave bolus? I’ve found that dual-wave bolusing for food with a lot of fat (such as pizza), keeps me in great range, i.e., for pizza I do 60% up front and 40% over 3 hours, and stay pretty much below 150 at all times and am back under 100 within 4 hours.


Probably be literally days before they try that again. Maybe even an entire week! :roll_eyes: :slightly_smiling_face:

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Donuts? I can’t even touch those. I will be a mess for days. I cheated a couple of years back and bought two donuts at the famous DK Donuts in Santa Monica. Getting my blood sugar back down was a pain. I envy my fellow diabetics who can get away with it.

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I can dose a doughnut pretty easily. I can’t dose pizza effective and I cant dose most Chinese food.

I’m trying to keep to a very moderate diet lately. Not to much carb not too much fat, trying to walk the middle path, so I don’t eat much high carb food or like a doughnut high fat AND high carb.

I ate a Boston cream doughnut about a month ago and I took 6 units with it and I was fine. But thinking about 6 units for a single doughnut makes me mad, that is enough insulin for an entire meal.
But for real I didn’t want a second one, the sweetness is pretty intense

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I added up the doses that Jeremy and Steve took.

Jeremy: 32 units Afrezza, 2.5 units pump

Steve: 22 units pump

I was impressed that they both could keep “in range” but that was a lot of insulin they took! With that much insulin and food in action, it forces you to pay attention to ensure timely counteractions happen.

While Steve and Jeremy demonstrated that it is possible, it looks like a bit of a high-wire act and I wonder if the short food satisfaction is worth it.


To me it’s always worth figuring out a food if you really want to eat it! Why not? A CGM is very helpful in this case. because you have to guess and then respond to foods like this.

There is a vegan taro donut here that I love. (Luckily they are not close by) But it took several attempts to figure out dosing. Small donut, not very sweet, light icing…but taro, it’s really hard to even have a concept of how many carbs were in it and then of course the fat combined with that. Now I don’t go over 140 when I eat one.

Same thing with a vegan cheese sofrito pizza. Vegan tacos from the food truck, the vegan pasta primavera with veggies from a restaurant, vegan meatloaf with gravy from another. A lot of guessing the first few times …and very much worth sugar surfing and figuring out.

It’s what an exercise bike and lemonade are for!!!


LOVED the video!!! Thanks for sharing, @Marie20!

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I’m with you, Tim, on the Chinese food. But I am able to do pizza with the dual wave. I use the 3-hour dual wave if it’s vegetarian (no meats) and 4 hours if it’s got meat on it.

But Chinese food is a total mystery!


The fat in donuts helps moderate the spike (and even as they found out pushes it out to 2-3 hours).

And aha! 8-unit Rage bolus at the very end.


In college (almost 4 decades ago!) I got very good at pre-bolusing with plain old Regular for pizza. It was a great match.

I can do most Chinese food, no big deal as long as I strictly limit the rice and noodles.

Indian food has bee a repeated disaster for me. Just don’t get it.

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I also really enjoyed watching this video! They did get a whole bunch of backlash from it over here in the Spanish-speaking diabetes community, that it was irresponsible and a bad example and that any comments that were negative were removed from the site. But I NEED to see things like this, that perfection and depriving myself are not positive, that enjoying life with three donuts is a good thing, and that with a cgm, it is all relatively painless for the fingertips!

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@pancreaswanted I am surprised at the back lash, I had not heard of it. Personally that’s ridiculous. How sad some are so judgemental.

I thought it was a blast to see because of everything they had to go through to eat those donuts. That it gives a really good understanding of what we have to go through sometimes when deciding to eat what are everyday foods for some.


Imagine if you are paying full list price for the insulins they are using. E.g. 22 units of Humalog is about $7.00 last time I checked.

I think as doctors someone should remind them of their Hippocratic oath of “do no harm.” It was like watching a train wreck IMHO. What a terrible way to set an example.


@MayaK How is it harmful? It shows what work it took to be able to consume donuts. And most of us enjoy a treat off and on and have to decide to learn how to dose for it. This is exactly what I have gone through a couple of times when deciding to eat something that I completely have to guess at how many carbs are in it.

Just because they are a doctor they can’t eat a donut? Or because it’s admitting to guessing that a lot of us do all the time they’re not allowed to show?

Everyone can decide for themselves what they want to eat. No one is forcing anyone to eat donuts. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the video.

And as for physicians doing no harm…they could never prescribe most of the drugs they do as most kill some people.