How to get rid off Diabetic Neuropathy

I am suffering with BP and Sugar from the last 13 years. I am suffering with neck pain, burning sensation, pain and numbness in right foot. Also suffering with ED and associated problems. My HAB1C is 8.8. Doctor told me all my problems may go, when HAB1C comes to 6.0.

For Diabeties I am using 1) Human Mixtard 30/70 - Morining 25 Units, Night 15 Units, before meals. 2) Metformin 500 mg Morning 1 and Night 1, after meals.

For BP I am using 1) Telmisartan 40 mg in the morning and 2) Amlodipine 5 mg in night.

For cholestrol 1) Ecosprin AV 75 mg (Ecosprin 75 mg + Atrovastatin 10mg) in the night.

For Sleep 1) Revotril 0.25 mg (clonozepam 0.25 mg)

For Diabetic Neuropathy : 1) Benefage Forte Capsule 2) Pregalin 75 mg

Doing limited exercise because of pains.

I dont know how long i have to suffer. How to get rid off Diabetic Neuropathy.

The best way of getting rid of neuropathy is to have stable blood sugar, with few highs and lows. I had mild neuropathy and retinopathy several years ago. I tightened my control and stopped having so many highs and lows. My retinopathy disappeared. I still have some neuropathy but I rarely feel any pain. The better the control, the less pain there will be.

I feel yeah on this one I suffered for too long lost my mind but mention to your doctor about lyrica or Cymbalta

I take Metanex daily for neuropathy. It seems to have helped with the shooting pains in my feet but I still have a burning sensation on the outside edge of my right foot. Anything else I might try?