How to make a break from the pump

I’m thinking of taking a week or two break from the pump for an upcoming beach vacation.

I’m wondering how long of an overlap from the time I take my first shot of Lantus to the time I shut off the pump?

An suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


It takes a couple hours for Lantus to get up to the dose you are giving so you could turn your pump off 2-3 hours after the Lantus injection. Watch your BG levels and that may be a good indicator also. If you see your BGs begin to decrease, it is time to turn the pump off. Have a great time at the beach!


I do this as well. As Donna said, I turn my basal down as the lantus kicks in. I usually take my Lantus in the PM, so I do it around dinner and disconnect around bed or when I drift down. The AM bg is sometimes off but not a huge deal.

Going back is slightly trickier. I’ll usually start my basal around 50% at dinner and then at 75-80% overnight to avoid lows. I’ve had it go both ways, too low and too high overnight. I haven’t done this in the 2 yrs I’ve been on a CGM, but I’m hoping that that will ease the ‘on’ transition

Have a great time!