How to reach the moderators?

I have been getting a lot of posts that have no option for a reply at the bottom. Any suggestions as to what is going on and how to fix it up?

Haven’t changed anything on the browser, and many, just not all, of the posts have the REPLY option available. Is it a setting somewhere in the senders config, or in my setup?

Appreciate any help


John, it would be a help to the troubleshooters if when you give the info, you also include the operating system including version numbers and the browser and version that you are using. Also you may want to download or try a different browser if you can, I know IE 7 has a lot of issues, 8 seems OK on the Windows PC platform, I use Firefox mostly, I don’t know anything on MAC or Unix.

The admin team members are listed on the right side of every page–scroll down.

Happy Thanksgiving! Back to basting my bird.

That’s okay. No one answered. Still have the problem, its not on my end. The web site needs to be looked at, but I can’t make that happen.

Hi John,
When you experience any kind of technical issues it’s always best to click on the Contact Us form at the very bottom of any page you are in and complete the form in the page that follows.

This includes along with the description of the issue you are observing other technical details (such as your browser, operating system, etc.) that may give us a hint as to the nature of the problem.

When you write through the Contact Us form, please include links to the specific posts/topics you are not being able to reply to.

Thanks Manny. It doesn’t matter. Its not important. I don’t have much more to say here anymore anyway.