How to Train Your Dog to Detect Low Blood Sugar


i live in ontario, Canada and have T1 Diabetes since 1994 and have a wonderful, intelligent puppy that I would like to train to become a Diabetes Alert Dog. Does anyone know how I can do this? Does anyone know of a trainer who does this in Ontario, Canada?

I've never heard of them training your dog b/c I think most of them are business to sell you their dog? I'm sure my dog knows but she only knows one expression which is pretty much the same as "let's play" "give me some food" "let's go for a walk" "I have to go outside" so it doesn't help much.

I am aware Lions Service Clubs are financially supporting the efforts for people needing guide dogs is mentioned by AC : guide dog is supplied ( we have here in my community ) . Maybe you can connect to and ask ?...Ontario address !

And Welcome to TU as well from sunny Shuswap :)