How to update email address in profile

How can I update my email address in my profile? It will not permit an edit but says to contact ‘SSO provider’. Who do I contact, please? Any help is much appreciated!

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I flagged your post @nini6 to draw admin attention to your question. I don’t understand “SSO provider,” either.

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Hope that we get a reply soon, I also need to change my email address. Fudiabetes uses similar software and email address can easily be changed from profile.

Have you sent an email request to:


We ordinary-mortal admins aren’t charged with having in-depth understanding of the tech side of things here, but I believe this all has to do with the fact that the Discourse forum runs under or parallel to the TUD Wordpress site, and an SSO is responsible for allowing both installations to use the same credentials:

Single sign-on (SSO) is a session and user authentication service that permits a user to use one set of login credentials (e.g., name and password) to access multiple applications.

The difficulty is thus that changing credentials in the Discourse installation doesn’t carry those changes over into the WP installation, so it has to be done by a tech admin with the necessary creds to edit from the SSO. Or something like that.

Bottom line: you’re right that contacting the gmail account is the way to go—I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it done for someone before, but it doesn’t come up very often.

FUD isn’t configured within a WP site, so that’s why things are different there. I think a lot of Forum users here aren’t aware of the TUD site, proper, but it exists and is worth a look (click the logo at top left), or just go here:

Not sure why things were configured this way, since I’m not aware of any content on the WP side that requires a login other than the wp-admin, but there may be a reason for it that I’m not aware of.


I asked the IT guy, waiting for his response!

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Our Forum side (Discourse) is joined with its Wordpress component so that we can provide more content than is capable with Discourse alone.

Being that it is two components that are joined at the hip makes it difficult to do things like change Email address because changes must be made in both systems.

The short answer for how to change your Email address is simple. Just message a site administrator

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