Meet your Volunteer Admins


This amazing community would not be such a wonderful place without the help and support of out Volunteer Admin Team. They are probably the first ones to welcome you and are here to help you navigate our forum and answer any questions.

Please Meet:

Lorraine Sisto
Mother of a Type 1

Marie Bernegger
Type 1

Gary Stem
Type 2

Maureen Granham
Type 2

Bill Bennett
Type 1

Welcome our new Administration Team Members!
Welcome our new Administration Team Members!


Welcome @Pastelpainter


Why flag that ?


A post was split to a new topic: What kind of exercise?


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Can you tell me where Brian_BSC is given he was last commenting several times on the site on Jan 21 just 2 days before your post here.


Brian still has membership. If you need to contact him I suggest you send him a private message.


Thank you for all you do!!


Thank you for dedicating your time, energy, and knowledge. I appreciate it!


thanks for ur time and dedication to a worthy cause … wish u all the best


Hello Mila, I was just wondering how a new member would write a thread on this forum. I don’t see an button that says “compose” or "write your own thread. Where is it?



Hola! Did you find out how to post?


i want say thank you all for being here
thanks for ure great support and love