How to wear the pump on arms?

Hey guys,

I am a new pumper and a new member for thie website …I just started pumping a week ago and i am just using my abdomen so far …i think of putting the infusion set on my arm but i worry about how do I carry the pump when the infusion set is on the arm? ideas please??? Thanks!

I just run the tubing under my bra and hook the pump on my waistband or pocket. I like this because the tubing is anchored by my bra so if it gets pulled, that helps avoid any immediate tugging on my site. Good luck. Hope you like your pump. I love mine.

This is a great Question.Ive pumped for probally about 6 or 7 months?? Any how Ive wonderd the same thing.Ive also heard of wearing infusion set in your rear area but thought sitting down might be painfull.

The rear end was my favorite site (but I overused it!! so had to take a break). Basically, I would sit down and put the infusion set anywhere that was vertical (so the upper buttocks).

I am curious to try the arm infusion sites, as I don’t like the abdomen much!

Well I’ve clipped my pump in between my bra because my tubing isn’t that long so it doesn’t allow me to hook it on my waistband or put it in my pocket. It’s really comfortable, at times I forget it’s there til it beeps or starts vibrating lol.

i love the abdomen area - but the thing is my diabetes educator told me i have to rotate it around so that there will be no scaring and irritation…since i am a new pumper i amd just wondering how to use the other possible sites - thanks for your response! Take care!

thank u all - i will try that!

I’m wearing my that exact way right now, Dena
I had absorption issues in my arms before so just recently started trying them out again and so far, 2 sites worth, so good.
I love using my torso but sometimes you just need a break. :slight_smile:

i got what mean …but still , i mean even if i change the spot and also change my infusuion set every three days ---- there was one more reason she gave me about the importance of rotating the site between possible sites- but i kinda not sure what exactly it was - that is why i didn’t mention it over here - i don’t want to pass around not correct information - but when i see her next time i will double check and let u know what happens when u always use only ur abdomen or what ever site one uses- even if the spot is not the same…

Yeah, that sends chills down my spine. Ouch??

There have been many women in this community who complained about “sacks” on their abdomen from years of only using their abdomen. This is visible scar tissue that does not go away (even with weight loss etc). Dave is right that some people don’t have as much as a problem with scar tissue, but I’m not sure how you can know that before.

I have not found that my absorption is worse when I use love handles, thighs, or upper rear end. Though my doctor’s instructions were also to ONLY use the abdomen.