Infusion sites

Does anyone have any recommendations on infusion sites other then the abdomen? I have only been pumping a month and have strictly used my abdomen but I’m worried about getting a lot of scar tissue if I only stick to the same sites. Thanks-

I almost never use my abdomen. Instead I use my tush and thighs. I know a lot of pampers who use their upper arms, but in the 12 years I’ve been pumping I just haven’t tried it yet. :wink:

I've been pumping a little over a year. I have use my abdomen, buttocks, and thighs.

I use my back (the fatty parts at the sides away from the spine) and the backs of my arms. These places are easily reached with the animas infusion sets as you can do it one handed! You can also use your butt and thighs as already suggested :) Hope this helps!

I use my thighs, being careful to avoid placement under the seams of my jeans. I put the inset in so the tubing is going down my leg and put the pump on my lower leg using a sweat band to cushion it, and a more elastic type band to keep it in place. Also, I've stopped putting my jeans through the dryer to make them a bit looser through the leg area.

My upper arm is reserved for my CGM. It seems to be way more accurate than other areas, including my abdomen.

I use stomach, upper legs, rear and sometimes continue around my stomach to my back, at least where I can reach. When I was on Omnipod I used my upper arms, but didn't care for it, now that I am back on Animas Ping I don't use the arms at all.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the responses. For those of you that use the butt, you don’t find it to be an issue that you are basically sitting on it?

Use the top part sort of just bellow your waistband. I tried using it but found that the absorption in both arms and butt was pretty bad but might be different for you!

I find the absorption is really good using my legs, but I do a lot of walking.

I use my love handle area and hips, anywhere I can get a decent pinch I figure is a safe place.

Ok, so just wondering if anyone else has issues with using the butt? I tried a few weeks ago and found it to be rather uncomfortable. It was stinging with the bolus and I just fetl like I was so much more aware that it was there, as opposed to when i use my abdomen. But, last night i decided to give it another shot. Since my last attempt i changed the insulin delivery to slow, so i was hoping that would help with the stinging. Well, when i went to fill the cannula, just even that tiny amount caused a major sting. I don’t know what my problem is, but i’m getting frustrated because i have a cgm on my abdomen as well, so that bascially means i can only work with one side per week! I should tell you that i put it on the upper section of the butt, so it’s not in my way when i’m sitting. Anyway, any thoughts or suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!

i find that most of my boluses sting. i like to lightly massage the area around my infusion set when giving it, and then i dont feel a thing.. I usually try to get 3-4 days out of one set and this really has been making my life easier. I dont feel the basal rate though, i dont think you should notice that.

Hi Alison- it’s funny because sometimes I get a really bad sting and other times I feel nothing! Have you tried setting the insulin to go in slow instead of normal? I found that did help eliminate some stinging. I am just aggravated because ideally I’d like to not use my abdomen all the time, but I find it uncomfortable in my butt and I haven’t even attempted my thighs because I’m thinking that will definitely hurt!

I didnt even know there was a slow mode! WOW, thank you!

For those of you that use the butt/hip, what direction do you put the inset? I tried it this morning and then I went to detach it for a minute and was unable to do so with ease. I have it so the part that you detatch is facing down and I can’t seem to grip it well enough to pull it out.

I put it so the part to detach faces forwards. The 90 Inset has a little arrow to show which to point. The Inset30 is obvious, I always have those in horizontally.