Ladies: where do you put your pump site?

I usually put my pump site on the side of my belly/lower back. I don’t like to put my site on my abdomen because it can be seen through my t-shirts and that annoys me. And if I were it on my upper thigh, it shows through my jeans. So I just stick with my side.

However, I know that you’re supposed to rotate around so that there’s no issue of scar tissue, so my question is: where is the most convenient spot for you to put your site?

Thanks in advance for you input! :slight_smile:

I put it on my upper thighs (on the side around where the seam of the jeans would be…) and on the upper rear end!

I did tummy sites for a long time whether or not they “showed” through clothes because they were easy for me to access myself. I’ve done love handles but they have a tendency to come off or get bent, ditto for lower back. I have a relative lack of padding on my rear, plus it’s difficult to do the reach - around for that. Right now I’m sticking with my upper thighs and hips and those seem to work just about the best of any of them BG-wise and fashion-wise.

So you put them on the side of your thigh? If I put them on the top of my thigh, it has a tendency to pull off. But I haven’t tried the sides.

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

Ok, I have a HUGE fear of putting the site in my thigh. My cannula is 9mm and I am afraid of hitting muscle. I know there is fat between the skin and muscle but I worry there is not enough. How often do I get to say that? Not very!

Yeah, I’m afraid of that too! I mean, I’ve put the site on the top of my thigh before but it pulls out really easily.

And I looked at the side of my thigh (like Kristen) but I immediately thought “no way!” It looks like it’s all muscle right there.
But maybe I’m wrong. If I am, please correct me!

So far, the only new areas that I’ve tried are my rear. So now I have 2 locations to put my site.

I use my stomach, thighs, sides, upper butt/lower back. I prefer thigh sites over any of them. My pump trainer prefers I keep to thighs and back for infusion sets and CGMS sites on stomach. My stomach has a lot of scar tissue built up and my thighs and arms don’t have enough fat to use for cgms. I can barely use thighs for infusion set sites. I have to use silhouttes and I can’t put them in at 45 degrees or the cannula all the way in on my thighs or I end up with knots and bruising. I even use the shorter ones for thighs.

Well, that answers my concerns.

When I used one of those CGMS at the dr.'s (they gave patients one to use for 3 days only), I put it on my stomach. So what you’re saying makes sense.

I also use angled infusion sets. If you are worried about hitting muscle, then try the angled ones when you can control more the depth that it goes in.

I used to pull of my thigh infusion sets every time that I went to the bathroom. Now i am used to them being there-- so it doesn’t happen as often.

When you go to the bathroom, if you tend to pull your pants down first, then your underwear, then the tubing should be between the underwear and the pants. If you tend to pull both down together, then the tubing should run through the leg hole of your panties. Experiment with it and you can find what works!

I, like Cody, use other sites too, but I much prefer my thighs!

I put mine on my back more around my hips.

I really prefer my abdomen but after pumping there for 8 years and developing an “insulin belly” (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out Amy T’s complaints on diabetesmine) and listening to many of my friends here, I’ve been getting adventurous. I find that my 9mm straight sets do sometimes burn a little in the thighs, but I seem to have very good glucose control there, so I don’t think I’m hitting muscle too badly. I’m getting used to not yanking them out - tops or sides - when I pull my pants down. And getting used to how it feels.

The butt works well, too, but like Sarah S said, sometimes I feel like I’m a cat chasing my tail trying to disconnect it!

I don’t think sets are that visible through jeans or shirts. I can’t ever really see them through my clothes, at least, unless I’m in a skintight dress or my yoga pants or something. I am a high school teacher and I know my kids would point it out if they noticed it. Two years ago, I had two seniors stop me in the choir room to tell me my plaid print pants made my butt look huge. (I retired the pants.) Trust me, they’d point out a big button of an infusion set beneath my clothes. Ask someone whose brutal honesty won’t offend you and see if they agree. :wink:

I don’t like using my abdomen. Outer and outer back of thighs works great and upper bum. Sometimes I notice the little button can be seen through my clothes but that’s the price I have to pay. Oh well. Lower bum is reserved for the sensors. I am very thin so finding the right sites and sets have been a challenge. I recently changed to the Sure T and that is working well so far.

I use my butt cheeks. I can’t do it in the stomach, I always end up with huge painful welts. I don’t think I could do it on the side or back because I can’t pinch enough tissue there.

I wish I had more sites to rotate. But pumping is so much better scar tissue wise for me, after doing intensive treatment/multiple daily injections for yrs and yrs.

My main concern is figuring out where to put my actual pump when wearing certain things…jeans it goes in the pocket or if I’m wearing flares I have a leg strap that works nice.

I know people put it in their bra…maybe my boobs are to small but this one doesn’t seem to work for me?? Am I missing some important tip? haha

I use my belly all the time but I’m ready for a change. I have used the top of my tush and it was ok. To chicken to use arm or thigh. I guess I’m going to have to take a deep breath and just go for it (bawk, bawk).

I’m only recently on the pump so its all new to me… But I too have smaller boobs and was convinced that the pump wouldnt go there. It actually does. I get away with it in most tops, some its too obvious and I wouldnt but I find that in most tops, you’ll only notice it if you know its there.

As for the infusion set… I am too scared to move anywhere except my abdomen! I’ve only ever done injections in my thighs or abdomen and so thats where I’ll be staying at the minute! I’d be terrified to do it in my lower back/ side or backside!!!

As I was reading these posts, I was thinking that no one could be using the Sure T’s. First of all, I’m a side sleeper; a metal needle in my hip while I sleep on my side would hurt. Second, wouldn’t a Sure T in the upper bum hurt when you lean into a chair? I use Sure T’s on my abdomen, and now that I’m ready to try new sites, I assume I would need to switch to something softer, like the Silhouettes. Donna, how do you do it?

I use my abdomen (above and below the belly button area), sides of hips, my lower back (hubby helps me with those - scary at first to have him do it - now he’s a pro at it ), legs. Am planning on giving my arms a go one day - just have to get longer tubing for my infusion sets. I don’t have any issues with bumps showing thru’ my clothing - heck - I even like to show off where I’m connected when I’m being processed by the airport security .

Try the love handles!! I “love” them!

You can do it Angela - I didn’t take a look at your profile - but maybe for me it’s easier to go to different spots - since I’ve been playing darts on my body since the age of 6. When you are ready to try an area of your body you’ve never done before - just breath, relax, go at your own pace …

I think I can do that. thanks Anna.