How well do you take care of your diabetes?

Yea a dr can’t hold someone accountable for their health. Not like he can say take care of yourself or I am going to do this to you. With diabetes it is about YOU taking care of yourself.

My endo and physician’s assistant are very supportive and really do understand how hard it is to maintain normal bgs, but if my A1C is off they are questioning me and asking for history and/or records, so I believe it is part of the MD’s job to question us about our care and asking us what is up and what is going on that we are failing. I don’t get a guilt trip from them, but I do get questioned and then suggestions are offered, and then sometimes it is questioned what are you eating?? Endo once asked even though my A1C was good if I ate fast food and I said yes, and he said well don’t. :wink: