My Problems

I've had diabetes since I was 8 yrs old. At one time my blood stayed between 100 and 180, which was perfect. Then about seven years into my success an abrupt end. Now just leaving my teen years, Im struggling with balancing my blood sugars and my diet.

So the reason I made my profile was to see how people are able to control themselves as well as their blood sugar after having diabetes for along period of time. I try to check my blood 4 times a day. I probably do 3 times on an average day. Im insulin dependent and I am now forgetting to bolus or correct my blood. Im planing on moving out of my house soon so Im trying to get my diabetes down packed before Im off.

So if anyone has suggestions or comments please let me know.Thanks

I agree with Danny - checking your blood sugar more frequently can help manage diabetes. We check about 10 times a day with Caleb. Even with his CGM, we still check at least 6 to 8 times a day.


well what I first realized is that what you eat , really males a difference , as Ima type 1 and have been for 25 years, and have found the better diet is one comprised of smaller healthier meals , lots of fruits ( but not too much at once) and plenty of veggies, and most of all exercise , you dont have to over do it , but a 30 minute work out three or four times a weel will do you very well, I hope this helps :slight_smile:

The more routine/structure your life has the easier is to test regularly and remember boluses. Checking more regularly helps ~because the more info you have the more you can do proactively like catching a high before it’s super high and it becomes harder to correct. But good job on checking at least 3X a day because it can be hard to keep being motivated to do even that much every day
On a side note to Magic’s advice also keeping the content of your food from day to day makes things easier to manage…you don’t have to eat the same exact thing…but similar in amount of carbs/protein/fat mix
I think too as you get out of the teen years things become more stable because hormones are more settled down and growth spurts are ending too

thanks, I’ll put your suggestions to use and do my best.