The way you take good care of your diabetes

the way that i take good care of my diabetes is that i take my sugar 2 a day , count my carbs right , regulate my blood sugar. here are some things that you can do they you might not of thuoght you cuold can play any sport you want like : baseball,basketball,soccer,tennis,volleyball,football,and alot more things.

Do you mean you only test twice a day?

Another newbie on the forums, desiring to “educate” us about diabetes :-(.

possibly a typo i take my sugar 2 a day ??

i test morning and night onlly because i have a sensor which monitors your sugar all day and that means you dont have to check your sugar every meal.

what do you mean a new member trying to educate diabetes. i did that because i have had diabetes sence i was 14 months old and i am 13 years old.

LoL!!! i really onlt hve to take my sugar twice a day and that is becuase i have a sensor and that monitors your sugar all day every day but you have to change it every 6 days or it wont work.

Hi Corey ,
I wear a sensor as well and I poke my finger , when delivering bolus insulin or insulin for a correction . We all know, I hope , that wearing a sensor is to be used as a guide …interstitial fluid measurement is hardly ever the same as a blood test , including it being behind by about 30 minutes. In my case I use about 21 u daily ( no I am not honeymooning ) ; if my sensor shows 4.6 ( x18 , cause I live in Canada and use mmol/L) and my finger poke says 5.6( x18 ) and would deliver according to the sensor reading I may end up with a HI ( very sensitive to insulin) .
So remember we are all different in our treatments and we all have to take care on an individual basis and how it works for You, ME , the next fellow on the street . Your wording in the discussion may need some re-phrasing …now we know, you are 13 and living with diabetes for 12 of those years …and I am happy to read, that you are a pumper …what is you A1C ?
And YES , you can do anything in life and will have to study to get there . Be well .

i dont know what me A1C is.i wanted to know how long you have had diabetes and when you were diagoned with any of your family members have diabetes because i have a uncle with diabetes and my dad had diabetes but he died because his heart stop when he was sleeping.i have been having alittle trouble taking care of my diabetes do you have any ideas how i can do better with it?

I had no idea you were only 13 years old! That explains everything. Nowhere on your profile do you mention that you have a CGM, either.

You will learn a lot of things on these forums if you start out by asking questions. I look forward to your discussions and blog posts.

Test more often with your meter, and write down everything you eat. (I need to work on the writing down part, I always rely on the meter memory.) Then, take your information in to a Diabetes educator, dietitian, and endocrinologist and talk with them openly, and ask questions. They can help you feel better, and can explain your A1C!

Nel and Corey, I wear a sensor, too, and I test my blood sugar anywhere from 6-8 times per day. Like Nel said, the sensor readings should be a guide and not considered real BG values because they are reading the interstitial tissue fluid. You should have an actual blood sugar reading from a glucose meter before you ever take insulin or eat carbs.

Hello Corey …does your Mom or someone else go with you , when you see your Doc …maybe she can ask what your A1C is …do you know the meaning/purpose of this blood test ??
I am living with diabetes for almost 27 years , diagnosed in 1983 …and darn it is hard work 24/7 and then there are soooo many good days as today …what type of infusion set do you use ; are you happy with the numbers of your sensor and finger pokes ??Maybe test a few more times as others suggested maybe helpful
Yes I do/did have fam .members …my brother has type 2 for 20 years , on insulin …others have passed on .
I am soo sad to read, that your Dad had diabetes …are you willing to share here about your Dad or sent a private message to any of us ?? Don’t give up on us oldies , OK ? …we have a few years of life experience on you …and don’t hold that against us , ha, ha …

Geesh. Think it’s obvious that Corey meant people can play any sport they are able to play. Guess anyone here could list sports they’d want to play, but can’t for any variety of reasons.

i dont have to take my sugar more then twice a day i have a sensor and that montiors your sugar all day long but you have to change it every 6 days or it wont work.

before i was born my dad and my mom had 2 other kids.when i was born everything seemed fine with me and then when i was 14 months old i keep drinking and going to the bathroom so me , my mom , and my dad went to the hospital to see what was wont with me and they said that i had diabetes.when i was 3 years old my mom and dad got divorsed so since then my dad was the one that toke care of all 3 of us.i was so sad that my dad died becuase he was the coolest dad in the world. my dad was going to have heart surgry and he told my aunt to take us if he didnt make it but he made it.then he went in the hospital again and he told the same aunt to take us if he didnt make it but he did.then on Janaury 17,2009 my dad was died. the reason he was died is because he was sleeping and his heart just dad also had kidney problems dad did alot of stuff with us like:bowling,fishing,go to movies,and a whole bunch more.

Yes, you do have to test a lot more frequently than twice a day in order to stay in control. As the others have explained, readings from your CGMS show trends up & down, which is great, but the numbers are different from your actual BG. You also have to calibrate your CGMS to your readings, right?