How's the weather where you are?


Post your weather details:

Here at my home in the West of Scotland it was:
Sunny - light winds (NE 4 mph)
High: 4C (39F)
Tonight’s low -2C (27F)


Western Oregon, 0900 today. Solid overcast and mist, actually darker than it appears in the photo.


Here in Northern Idaho, we’ve got… unusually warm weather for late November.

Currently it is:

  • Lightly Raining/Sleeting
  • Currently: 37F / 2.8C Overnight Low last night 0C, tonight expected to be 3.9C
  • 10:00 PST
  • 4 mph NW / 6.4 kph NW
  • 91% Humidity
  • 29.95" and Rising

I’m really missing the snow. We’ve had several years in a row of much reduced winter snow, and it’s grating on me rather harshly at this point. I like grey skies as long as we also get cold and snow. This kind of lukewarm, grey, damp nastiness is just not worth it…


In the beautifully green Pacific Northwest, we have rain.

And more rain! :slightly_smiling_face:


Lots and lots of rain. Especially this year.


Hey!! I live in Boise!! We’re headed up your direction as I type!! Idaho love!


This is beautiful. I love Oregon so much!


We have a fully equipped guest room. And we’re surrounded by wineries. :sunglasses:


Hot for the next week, in the high 30s, our first hot weather this Spring. Not even thinking of rain until next May or June.


it is getting wintry feeling for seville-sunny but the high was only 18C today. i put the duvet on the bed last week. nice to snuggle under the covers.


72 degrees today in Florida panhandle and mostly sunny after a chilly start.


Five o’clock in New Orleans, 75 degrees and overcast. A girl can’t complain.


NE 30 w 10’ seas. No complaints for this time of year.


Steady drizzle here in Indiana on Wednesday. Sunny and 50 on Thanksgiving.


Wow - it seems to be raining nearly everywhere EXCEPT in the West of Scotland. It has been about the driest November I can remember.

Today at 09.45 in Glasgow:

Current Temp -5C (23F) - Fog clearing
Sunny on drive into work. but heavy frost on ground and roads icy.
Expected High 0C (32F)
Winds 1-2 mph variable.
Pressure 1031 mBar - rising

More of the same forecast for next week - time to accumulate some vitamin D


Snow on the rooftops in Eastern Idaho, otherwise sunny and mid-30s today.


Snow line on mountains at around 1000 ft. Below freezing but no precipitation since last week.


Raining steadily for hours now. It’s presently 0945.


Here in Manila it’s gloomy gloomy and drizzling. 27 Degrees Celcius and expected to be showery all day. And I don’t have a very nice view from my office window.


It is glorious