How's the weather where you are?


Scotland always brings James Herriot to mind, since I am presently working my way through his books.


82 degrees in the Arkansas Ozarks. Good time to float the Buffalo River.
Thomas Hart Benton’s idea of an ideal summer day on the Buffalo. I’ve fished a spot that looks a lot like this many times and always wondered if it was indeed the same.


First day of winter in Western Australia, 25C and dry.


Winter? :astonished: How hot is it in the summer?


Gonna be down in SD in a couple of weeks. Mid June isn’t the time to visit, eh? Does that mean bad weather is likely on the water?


Not too hot today but plenty of humidity and rain in Pensacola.


San Diego never has “bad” weather😎 But the June Gloom makes most of us living here unhappy! So very spoiled. Sun usually burns off the marine layer by around 11:00. Will suggest bringing a jacket though. Ocean breeze can make it feel kinda chilly. Hope you have fun! Great city to visit! We did and than moved here!


It can go up to 42C and humid, but hopefully not very often. We usually get dry heat. Our seasons are the opposite of yours.


I was quite surprised to learn that Australian winters can be that hot. I assumed that Australian winters would be somewhat hotter than Dutch winters, but didn’t expect them to be that hot.


Errr…??? James Herriot’s from Yorkshire. They are a lot stingier down there LOL


You’re both right. He was born in England, raised in Glasgow and spent his life practicing in Yorkshire.


Educated in Edinburgh. And according to his memoirs, the hospitality of the Yorkshire dalesmen was second to none.


15º and wet here in southern Ontario, but by the end of the week we will be getting sun and 28 glorious degrees. (That’s about 80 for those troglodytes that still use Fahrtenheit.)


we have it similar here in western Switzerland. today it was rainy and fresh, but by the end of the week they expect 28!!!
Gonna be interesting… :sun_with_face:


Why would a troglodyte need either one? The temperature in a cave hardly every varies. Not much point in measuring it. :wink:


Yeah, but you have to go outside occasionally to kill a rodent or two for dinner.


85 degrees F ( 29.4 degrees C ) today. I live in the southern United States where we have two growing seasons. My tomatoes are numerous but green. My cucumbers are numerous but small. My Jalapeño peppers are being harvested now for cheesy poppers.


19 degrees Celsius here. Partly cloudy.


32º here. Too hot to do much outside.


Temperatures today in the mid ninety’s, with humidity feels even warmer. Plenty of sunshine.