Need recommendation for trustworthy Canadian pharmacy

Bottom line: I am looking for recommendation for a reliable, trustworthy Canadian pharmacy that will ship Humalog (or Novolin) insulin for my pump. Any experience or advice is much appreciated. (One i am considering is Mark’s Marine Pharmacy in Vancouver.)

I’m T1D most of my life, try to stay low-carb ~ 60g/day. Like many here, the cost - even with insurance - is overwhelming our budget. Although announced by Eli Lilly back in March, generic Humalog (insulin lispro) is not on my formulary (Medicare through Aetna). With a “GoodRX” coupon, cost for the generic is almost reasonable, however the pharmacies in town aren’t stocking it (they blame their wholesalers for not carrying it). But the name brands are more reasonably priced in Canada, so here i am, looking for others who have gone down this path to get your advice. Many thanks.

Mark’s Marine is just fine. Competent staff, I didn’t ever have an issue with shipping. It is slightly more expensive than just walking into a pharmacy in Canada but the convenience is worth it if you don’t live close to the border.


Thank you!