Humalog question

I have been taking humalog on a sliding scale according to my BS readings for about two years. Yes, it works. I also take janumet 1000 mg 2/day and lantus in the evening. I start taking the humalog IF my BS is over 150 before a meal....but this seems backwards to me. I would like to take the humalog (2 mg) before every meal, the januet twice a day and lantus in the even (I don't have a set dosage on the lantus yet.....depends on my bs reading in the even and then again in the am.) I'm new at doing these things on my own, so asking people who have done their own dosing to help me out here. Do you suppose I would be over medicating myself If I did that? I don't have any lows any more, but highs are common, and that's why I want to use the humalog before meals. My PA isn't one to want more injectables as she is to add another pill, which I don't like. Ideas and thoughts. I most likely won't do anything definite until I see her and the CDE April 1.

Are you keeping a record of your pre-and-post meal BGs that you can show your PA? You can use your log as a basis for discussing a switch from sliding scale to mealtime boluses.

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Humalog takes 2 1/2 hours to peak for me and as a rule, and should my numbers be on the low side I wait 30 minutes after my carb intake before I will bolus for it otherwise I take my humalog before my meal per my calculations sliding scale so to speek. My lantus is taken like you in the eve but manly because I rise throughout the night and this way it keeps my morning BG in line. Keep track of your numbers like catlady06 says but also keep track of what your intake was for each meal until you and your PA can get control of whats happening to you. It’s not easy I have been taking insulin since I was five years old and I still have difficulty like today, I did my workout as usual and found myself high afterwords when the workout should have lowered it according to most but it didn’t for me. So remember everyone is different and like me sometimes what worked previously for me didn’t replete the most common effect