Using Humalog

I just started using Humalog and didn't really get any instruction on how to use it. I wasn't told to use it before meals or after. I was given a slide scale on the units to use. 0 to150-0 units, 151 to 250 3 units and so on. When I got done eating dinner tonight I took 3 units of Humalog and two hours after eating did my sugar and it was 199, OK, something is wrong here. What can I do or am I doing something wrong.

Each person is different with dosing of humalog. It will take time to find the proper dosage, for me I take 45 units at breakfast and then 30 before lunch and dinner and then my sliding scale I take 5 units per 50 I am over starting at 150.
So just be patient and keep checking and following up with your doctor.

Thanks Cody because I’m getting frustrated and I know I shouldn’t. I start out with 3 units on Friday (Dec. 7) and had it raise today to 6 units and I still don’t think that is enough.

My doctor and I just adjusted my Lantus and I know separate my dosage on the Lantus. I found myself bottoming out in the middle of the night and then rebounding with a high fasting blood sugar. What we did is I take 10 units of Lantus at bedtime and then 60 units with breakfast and it has seemed to make a difference. You might ask your Dr. about doing something like that with the Lantus as well and see if maybe that will help your sugar stay stable as well. I have read from a lot of people where they have had to do something like that with the Lantus as it doesn’t last 24 hours.