Humalog shortage?

I have without counting them 10 or so bottles if you need them.

My mother-in-law called this morning warning of shortages, suggesting I get larger supplies. I had planned to switch to home delivery from Express Scripts (ES) for some products, as opposed to my local CVS since ES has made it onerous to buy locally, charging $1000 for one month’s worth of insulin from my local pharmacist, but only $38 if I buy 3 months from ES.

Anyway, the article that prompted her call:

I’m in Massachusetts and use an in-pen. I have not had any problems filling the Humalog cartridges. I hope the problem resolves soon.


I just got my Humalog Kwikpens by mail order from OptumRx.

@hollymateluber Your doctor either doesn’t understand how or meant something else besides “you can’t use a pen to fill a pump.” I’ve used pens to fill my Omni Dashes for two years and it works just fine, should work for any cartridge type device as well. All you have to do is use an appropriate needle gauge/length, similar to what you use with a vial.

Correction edit: The above is only true if you do NOT have to create a partial vacuum (reduce the air content) of a cartridge/reservoir first.

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@artwoman You don’t even need the intermediary step of pen to syringe to pump, just use an appropriately sized needle on the pen and go directly to the cartridge/pump. I’ve done it for two years. No need to add to the waste stream and extra syringe/needle and supplies.


@TomH1 for the Tandem before filling with insulin you first need to withdraw the air from the reservoir so need something that allows suction. The pen won’t do that.

I have occasionally changed my infusion site but not the reservoir and at those times, where I’m just adding 150 units, I’ve used a pen with needle to do so. Helps to avoid some waste of unrecoverable insulin as well.


@MBW Thanks for the reminder of the need to remove air before filling some cartridges/reservoirs…I’ve not had to do that (Dash pods are my experience)… Sorry if I was stepping on anyone’s toes or providing mis-guidance!

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