Humalog vs Apidra

Hey everyone. I just got my apidra savings card and got some free apidra! My question is…is there a difference between the two as far as how much I need or faster onset time? I was reading that apidra is quicker than humalog and exits your body faster. Is this true? Should I take less apidra then humalog? I’m on a animas ping. Thanks for the input.

In my case Apidra was not different from Humalog in any way. I was hoping it would have a touch earlier onset but, alas, no luck. I would recommend just keeping your pump settings the same and see how it goes. Don't make any changes until you see how it works for you over a few days. Don't get your hopes up.

Thanks for the reply. I didn’t switch for a benefit of a faster onset, just because it was free vs $50 a month

I have recently gone in the other direction (Apidra to Humalog) According to the manufacturers' data Apidra should have a slightly shorter DIA. Some people claim to notice the difference. With Apidra I used to set my pump DIA at 4.5h. With Humalog I set it at 5.0 h (and I can see some action after that so it maybe should be 5.5 h).

There are some data to suggest that with some users, Apidra is more prone to cause absorption problems at the infusion set (which is why I have switched). Most people do not find this. However, if you have difficulties keeping your set working well for three days (or you see worse absorbtion on day-3), you might want to keep and eye out for problems with Apidra.

Not sure whether this will help, but anyway . . . Humalog doesn't work for me. I mean, not at all -- may as well be a placebo. So I can't compare the two directly.

However, I did use Novolog for some time and switched to Apidra specifically because it promised faster action. For me, the promise was fulfilled. Apidra starts working in about half the time that Novolog required, peaks sooner, and is finished sooner.

But the bottom line, as always, is that you have to test it yourself. Everyone's reaction is individual, and the only way to know how it will perform for you is to try it and see.

I just switched from Apidra back to Novolog. I'm using a Minimed pump, and twice this summer I got No Delivery alarms. The customer service woman had me take the reservoir out of my pump, and using an old plunger, try to push some Apidra through. Not a chance, it was completely clogged at the connector to the reservoir. I couldn't get a drop. Apidra is only supposed to last two days in a pump, but I usually go three days. I'm happy with the switch.

Thanks for the replies. I just switched this morning to Apidra so fingers crossed. Humalog was working just fine for me, I couldn’t pass up the free no copay card from apidra tho. I guess worse case is I go back to paying for humalog :P.

I do use my infusion sets for 3 to 3 1/2 days tho. I’m curious if I will get some alarms for delivery, I have the ping pump. Never had one issue with with humalog clogging.

So how does novolog compare to humalog? Is it suppose to be faster?

I've used both Humalog and Novolog, and haven't noticed any difference switching between the two.