Humalog VS Apidra

July 15, 2009

T1Ds, please respond to this discussion if you’ve used both Humalog and Apidra- for comparison.

I’ve just filled a new prescription for Apidra, hoping to test its abilities with my immune system for a month. I’ve been using Humalog for about three years and it’s slowly losing its potency. My ratio went from 1:15 to 1:7 and it’s nearing 1:5 now. I’m hoping that the quick peaks with Apidra will help me lower my A1c.

Do the dosages pretty much match Humalog’s? I’m afraid to use the same amounts of insulin that I’ve used with Humalog at first because I don’t want to hit another insulin shock coma- not fun.

When you switched, was the conversion simple and similar?

Please help.

Thanks so much!

July 20, 2009

Just an Update:

I’ve been on Apidra for three days now and have seen a lot of lows. This is a little scary, but it’s really relieving too because I’ve been running so high for the past couple of months on Humalog.

I’ve noticed that Apidra brings my 200 BG down in about 45 mins, where Humalog would’ve taken around 3 or 3.5 hours to bring it down. I’ve also noticed that I wake up a bit lower (46 yesterday) in the mornings, which makes me think that maybe I should go to bed around 90 or higher, instead of at my target of 75-80.

Maybe using Apidra will lower my need for Levemir too? I’ve been using much smaller doses of Apidra and my numbers have been pretty great- though I’ve been nursing quite a few lows over the past two days.

I have big hopes for this! I’m working really hard to keep myself on target-

As far as the Levemir goes, you may need to reduce it, esp if you were counting on it to help lower your post meal numbers. Keep a close watch on your overnite numbers. You may also want to do some fasting during the day to see if your numbers stay mostly level or trend downward. Trending downward would probably indicate to high a basal rate (ie Levemir), whereas if they are steady, your dose would probably be pretty good

Glad to hear it’s helping out!

That’s a really good idea! I will try to do a fast for a whole day, checking my BG at normal times, to see if I trend down? Maybe this coming friday or something? I need to find a day that I can do something other than concentrate on the food I’m NOT eating- haha. Also, during the week, if I don’t get my coffee in the morning, I’m a gump! Maybe this saturday? I usually have a very lax schedule during the weekends.

What ever works best! I seem to remember you being a former pumper, so you already probably realize the different patterns your body has during any given day. I have 4 different basal rates set, which, unfortunately, you just can’t really get too on MDI. You may just need to add a snack in at various times during the day to try and find the “best” balance between dosage and sugar levels… hmmm… “best”… maybe “least worst” would have been a better phrase…


Yes, I know that I need less insulin during the night (while I’m sleeping) which is why I inject just before bed- because the insulin doesn’t yet “peak”- even though Levemir doesn’t really “peak” at all… so the slight ocean wave of BG that I’m feeling lately might be because Apidra has caused my sensitivity to insulin to increase. That would be great!

I’ve used both with my insulin pump. I noticed lows after switching. It took me about a week to get adjusted. One thing I noticed with Apidra is that when I did have a High over 200 or so, that the speed in which Apidra works made me feel low at times, when in fact it was just rapid drop of my glucose. I got used to it and loved the fact I didn’t have to tolerate high symptoms as long as I did with Humalog

Oh, absolutely! I’ve been on Apidra for about a week and a half, and have experienced quite a few lows too, but I’ve learned to adjust the times that I eat to make sure that I don’t go low when it would be really inconvenient for me. I stop eating and drinking anything with carbs at least three hours before bedtime.

Apidra definitely drops my “highs” really quickly, but I’ve noticed that it wears off pretty fast too, which means that if I eat complex carbs (like white spaghetti, or white bread) then it doesn’t work as well, and I experience highs later on. I guess it’s time that I came off of the whole “processed” foods anyway. haha.