Humalog vs. NovoLog in pregnancy

I'm T2 & wanting to get ready to concieve baby #2. I have different insurance this round & my new insurance does not like Humalog. I asked the doctor to change it to Novo but she won't. Said that Humalog is proven to be safer/more effective in pregnancy. Anyone hear this? The only thing I can find is that Novo acts faster than Huma.

Nothing I can do about it but switch doctors. I'm not into that though. I like this Endo & thats important to me. She said she'd help me w/ free pens when she could but really insists I use the Humalog.

My doctor switched me to NovoRapid (Novolog) from Humalog for pregancy. So I guess different doctors have different preferences. For me, NovoRapid (Novolog) works faster than Humalog – so I will definitely stick with it during pregnancy.

I have been on apidra, another rapid acting insulin for a year or 2. I read the other day that this has had as much proof of novolog or humalog. He said that apidra is newer, but he feels completely safe in using it, especially since I am doing so well. I also work for my endo and have seen all the doctors use all in pregnancy without much preference. I work for Emory so I am trusting in their knowledge. We are going to discuss further tomorrow if I will stay on apidra, but to the humalog and novolog question from everything I know they are both completely safe.

Below I should have said apidra has not had as much proof.

I’m planning for pregnancy, and my endo has said nothing about the fact that I use Novolog… Which is about all of the “useful” information I can give you. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, wait! Google to the rescue!

A PDF about novolog from the FDA site, with pregnancy category info starting on page 12:

The same for Humalog, on page 9:

Novolog is cat. C, Humalog is cat. B. Both categories mean that there have been studies on animals (but no pregnant humans), but a cat. C drug has shown possible signs of adverse effect on the fetus. This doesn’t always mean it’s not the right choice. For example, I take a category C antidepressant and my OB insists I stay on it for pregnancy because she thinks I really, truly need it… and she actually considers it more of a “B minus” than a true C.

If your doctor feels that strongly, then I could understand leaning away from a C if you can afford the B at all. Quite a pain, but maybe you can go the less expensive route of vials instead of pens? Call around to pharmacies and see who sells it cheapest before you take in a prescription? You might also want to have your doctor write a letter to your insurance company, explaining why Humalog is the absolute best option.

I like my Novolog… but I do think I’m going to ask my endo about this issue, just in case.

I used Humalog in my 1st pregnancy but had different insurance than. It was cheaper. Unfortunatly it’s a manufacter preference with my insurance. Not pen or vial issue. I picked up the Humalog & Humalin N last night. I got a voucher off the website for 5 free kwik pens. Here’s the link if anyone is interested. They paid up to $200 for it. So if someone is w/out insurance this is a great offer from them. Can only use it once every 12 months but it saved me $70 so it was worth it.

lizzistardust I also take a class C antidepressent. Zoloft to be exact. I went off it during the 1st trimester of my 1st pregnancy & than back on it in my 2nd trimester. I will most likly stay on it during my entire 2nd pregnancy this time. I was too anxious & depressed w/out it.

I was on Apidra throughout my recent pregnancy.

I took Novolog throughout my pregnancy. My doctor never suggested switching. I have taken it for years, actually. Like Kristin, I find that it works faster for me and has less of a “tail” (does not hang around in my system as long.)

My baby and I are both healthy. He was born about three months ago.

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Seeing these replies annoys me. I have an appointment with the endo in 2 weeks. maybe I can talk her into switching me.