Humalog vs NovoLog

I don't think this will be a big deal but I'm being told by my insurance they will no longer cover NovaLog which I currently use unless I pay full price for it. The alternative is Humalog. Has anyone switched over from NovaLog to Humalog and if so did it work about the same for you?? Units used for basal & bolus, wondering if any differences that you may have noticed. Thanks!!

I had the same issue last year and went from Novolog pens to Humolog pens. I didn't notice any difference in my sugars. I'm currently using Humolog in the OP with great success.

I switched from Novolog to Humalog and it's been just fine! I haven't noticed any difference in how it reacts. I think Humalog even looks less bubbly in the vial/syringe! It was a painless changeover for me.



Humalog may have changed but when I figured out that the Apidra I was using would lose potency after about 48 hours I did a lot of research and found that only Novolog claimed effectiveness in a reservoir for more than 48 hours. Novolog claims and my experience corroborates that it stays potent at least for the full 80 hours that the Omnipod pods will operate on a single activation. It claims 7 days. You might check in the fine print to see what Humalog is now stating as its reservoir life.

Me too. I got 2 sample vials of humalog from my endo, to try before the change…it’s supposed to work the same.

years before i went on the pump ( minimed 522 now ) i switched from HUMULIN to HUMALOG & my blood sugars were better.

Good info...I did go and check both websites for NovaLog & Humalog. Both state about the same for storage, if unopened and refrigerated good until exp. date. If opened and kept at room temp. good for 28 days. Did not see anything about staying potent while in a reservoir and think it would be similar or the same to being an opened vial at room temp which might start to loose effectiveness nearing the 28 day after opening and keeping at room temp. It did seem based on how they reported how fast you should eat or take before a meal that NovaLog may act slightly faster but just by a few minutes based how they were reporting it. Thanks for the info so I could check it out.

I went the opposite direction, from Humalog to Novolog, and my experience suggests that the Novolog might act slightly faster for me, which is good if I'm reactively bolusing. Otherwise, I'm not seeing much of a difference in terms of overall usage.

It's funny how this occurs. A few years ago I was pushed from Humolog to Novolog for this very same reason. Recently I switched back. I never saw a difference between the two.