Hi all,

I'm trying to figure out if it's easier to get an amphipod and attach bottles or to wear one of those kamebak unbottles on my back. I mean, I'll already be loading up the amphipod with pump, meter, strips, lancer, and dex. Will water on the waist just be too much?

However, I'm also worried about carrying it on my back- will it chafe?

Thanks for any information you might have!


Hi Ruth!

Is this for training or racing?

For racing I wear a Spi-belt with meter, lancet, strips, and fuel and attach the pump to it, but I don't carry any fluids as most races have more than enough. For training I don't worry about hydration unless I'll be out for over an hour, and then I'll carry a water bottle. I wear a Camel-bak sometimes when I mountain bike, and I would consider wearing one for VERY long runs.

Good luck! I'm sure you'll figure out what works best for you.

Most marathons I have run have water stops about every 2 miles. Sometimes I put water out for long runs ahead of time because I don't like carrying water.

As others have said, if it's water, you don't need to carry it in most races. For training, it's a personal preference. I prefer bottles because it's easier to get a carrier that doesn't bounce around, and it's easier to keep bottles clean and ready for use. Camelbak type things have to be fully drained, and thoroughly cleaned if you use anything but water, or you'll get mold.
There are lots of options if you choose bottles, a large bottle that rides in back, or a bunch of little bottles that ring your waist. People have success with both.
Honestly, lately I just carry a bottle in my hand.

I like multiple bottle setups as, for a while, I'd mix "high octane" bottles with more carbs and bottles w/ lower carbs too, as I wasn't sure where my BG would end up and would still get thirsty?

If you get an Amphipod it also has an option for a pouch that will hold a meter, lancer and strips - and still have room for other "stuff". I do use one occasionally on longer training runs where I want to carry water with me. The Amphipod belt also some mesh areas to stash gels if you use those. I usually put pump and Dex on the Amphipod belt itself if I'm using one. Never used a Kamelback. Most times if I'm going an hour or less I'll do a route where there is water along the way and use a Spibelt (I understand they now have one that is waterproof). I also wear the Spibelt in races since water, Gatorade (or something similar), and other nutrition is generally readily available on most courses. Find that I'm happier carrying as little "extra" weight as possible.

Amphipods are good because you can get a lot of different styles and buy attachable pieces for storage. I bought an extra large pouch to attach. I have a camelbak I use for hiking and trail running, they are good too; however, with something on your back it could affect your posture and your gait could also be affected. If you are doing primarily road races, the amphipod is the better bet. Most stores you can try them on and run around inside to get a feel for them too.

If you are concerned about carrying strips, meter, etc you could check out raceready.com, they made shorts with many pockets that are easy to run in but carry a lot. They don't carry water, but have a lot of pockets for the things you need on the run, I have carried my meter with me in those shorts and been just fine.