Lada 3 years ago now maybe thyroid?

Over 3 years ago I got diagnosed with Type 1 LADA. It was a difficult diagnosis. Not that I am getting a hand of it. If that is even possible. My latest a1c was 5.4. My Endo checked my TSH and it was 4.73. I have heard of having an autoimmune disease increases your chances of another autoimmune. My Dr is checking some of blood work for thyroid to confirm if that is the issue. What do you guys think? Should I be worried?

I would not be worried. I have been on synthroid for over 30 years, which has maintained my thyroid levels.

It is common for people with diabetes to have low thyroid, and should be checked annually.

You should not worry. It is true that once you have one autoimmune disorder, you can develop more. Autoimmune thyroiditis (Graves or Hashimoto’s), celiac disease and TD1 are commonly linked. Your doctor can confirm by running a thyroid antibodies panel. Treatment usually is in the form of either thyroid replacement in the case of Hashimoto’s (hypo).

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Oh well it’s confirmed. I thought I was fine when I got the T3 andd T4 within range. But that was short lived. Got my antibodies test in. Not good very elevated numbers.

I developed Graves Disease and Graves/Thyroid eye disease last year. My thyroid was removed in December 2018. The Graves/Thyroid eye disease worsened and I treating that now.

Your physician will be able to perform a test to determine if you have Graves. Don’t worry about it until you have to.

I thought if your TSH is elevated you have Hashimoto?

Did you test for
Tissue Transglutaminase (tTG) IgG & IaG Antibodies? Just asking because my a1c was 5.2 but endo did thyroid tests. 4.13 on tsh but only those antibody tests were done and were fine.

Yes, elevated TSH is Hashimoto’s. Graves’ usually causes a very low TSH (often undetectable). Also, Graves’ disease involves anti-TSH receptor antibodies. Hasthimoto’s involves different antibodies (appears to be the ones you were tested for).

I’d had Type 1 for 24 years before I developed Graves’ disease (which, after three years of anti-thyroid medication, is currently in remission). As long as you get treatment and regular monitoring, thyroid issues are much easier to handle than a diabetes diagnosis.


No I have not been tested for that. The only tests that I was tested for was TSH,T3,T4 and RCV. TSH was elevated and the RCV test was elevated.

Looks like you have hashis. I have it and so does my father. His father had graves. Try t3 and levo. A lot of people need t3. It may help your bg management. But either way you need to treat it or your thyroid gland will be destroyed and other systems will be affected.

In general thyroid disease is difficult to manage but for me d is 50 gaz x worse. You need to medicate for how you feel, not your numbers, but you will prolly feel better with tsh below 1.

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My Dr prescribed 50mg of a generic version of synthroid.

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That is a starting dose. Try to test every 4-5 weeks for a while and you can adjust the dose as needed. I would ask about t3 / liothyronine right away, 5mcg is a starting dose, but it comes in 25 mcg as well which I take now plus 25 mcg levo.

Well damn 50mg seems kind of high.

It is 50 mcg not mg. A low starting dose. You have made a mistake about the dosage, no one takes 50 mg as far as I know😹

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Your right 50mcg. Lol

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The doctors found me to have hypothyroidism at age 15 then at age 50 I became a type 1 diabetic…apparently I like to do stuff opposite of normal. Management is key to both
Good luck!


Depends on the thyroid replacement. I take an old-fashioned non-synthetic hormone replacement (Armour or NP Thyroid) which is in mg. I currently take 90 mg, but started 20 years ago with just 15 mg and bumped up to 30 within a year or so to keep my TSH in range and based on how I felt. I had a great doctor! Eventually, My thyroid burned out.


That is a screening test for celiac disease (commonly linked with TD1 and Autoimmune thyroiditis). Since the OP most likely has Hashimoto’s (elevated TSH and antibodies), she should be screened for celiac disease. I would strongly recommend a full celiac panel as I have celiac disease (biopsy confirmed), yet I have never has a positive TTG IgA or TTG IgG. Both are good tests, but do not catch all celiacs like me.

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With a high TSH (not too bad, but still out of range and I would personally want it lower in order to feel well) and elevated antibodies, I would think your doctor will give you a Hashimoto’s diagnosis (I am not a doctor, but I have Hashimoto’s, celiac disease and autoimmune gastritis (which is strongly linked to Hashimoto’s).

My Hashimoto’s is the easiest thing to manage. At first my doctors and I thought I would had LADA, but it turns out I am a TD2.

Please get checked for celiac disease (research it) as about 10% of TD1s have it. You can be asymptomatic too. Untreated, it can make managing Hashimoto’s and TD1 much harder when you can not absorb meds and foods properly due to small intestinal damage.

Mary Shoman, has been around the internet for over 20 years. Yes, she wrote a book, but she writes articles for Very Well. She is great at explaining the thyroid. All her information is free on the internet. She is reliable and not a quack.

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I was referring to levo since she said it was levo she was taking not the natural animal versions. I am not sure how the doses compare, but 50 mcg of levo is a normal starting dose, I think 50mg of levo would be a humongous dose. As I recall 1 grain of armour = 38 mcg, I am not sure about mcg vs mg, I have to look it up.

That is too bad your thyroid burned out even with medication, I had heard and hope early treatment would prevent that.

  • looked it up and found that 50mcg = .05 mg