Hypoglycemia not considered Diabetes diagnosis

My journey all started with hypoglycemia. Eventual I entered the diabetes realm, but am prone to lows. Some have been memorable. Thing is, here too, they are not given a second thought by some doctors…some will argue with you that there is no way the 2 are related…and that hypoglycemia, in their God like opinion, does not lead to diabetes.
Hugs…I totally understand your frustration.

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My wife started doing this about 17 yrs ago. Any time she eats carbs she can go to the 190 area. That long ago doctors thought she was nuts but we started testing and sure enough she would drop into the 40s even lower. It does not happen each and everyday but it sure does happen. Over the years we have kept it a bit lower carb level and it seems to help her. If I had not had my meter we would have never known her pancreas was releasing so much insulin to cover a carb meal.

Hypoglycemia, in and of itself, does not “lead to diabetes”. Some people may experience episodes of hypoglycemia before they eventually develop diabetes, however.

ETA: Your “in their God-like opinion” is over-inclusively inflammatory and inappropriate.

Reactive hypoglycemia can be an early indication of emerging diabetes and I would argue that it can often “lead” to diabetes. Not cause, but certainly “lead” in the sense that it is a harbinger of full blown diabetes. You lose your phase 1 insulin response (stored insulin) and your body has a sluggish response to the glucose load of meals. The phase 2 response (which is insulin production) takes a while to ramp up and reaches an extreme peak, only to overshoot leading to hypos after meals. So yes, hypoglycemia is of concern, doctors should take note and aggressive doctors should probably order an OGTT to determine whether a patient has a delayed insulin response with an extreme peak in insulin levels that is not normal. Some people just have reactive hypoglycemia. But in either case if you experience reactive hypoglycemia you can treat it by restricting carbs, thereby reducing the harsh overshoot.


Yes…I know you are a physician…and NO it is not inappropriate. Those doctors whom I spoke with (sorry if I were not more explicit) were indeed condescending…and yes, not all doctors are. There. Nor did I say that my having diabetes was a consequence of having had hypoglycemia…but Im not saying it isnt either.

Once again, correlation does not equal causation.

Once again…in certain cases, it may.

I believe you are missing my point.

In cases such as yours, hypoglycemia is a precursor to diabetes. This is significantly different from saying that hypoglycemia caused your diabetes.

I think we have confusion about “leading.” "Leading in my view implies “precedes,” but it doesn’t necessarily mean “causes.” I call truce.


Absolutely, Brian. As was my intended point. Truce!

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Truce! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Well played, all three of you!