Hypoglycemia symptoms

Greetings! I am Rod Turner and I live in the Pacific Northwest of the US. Just about to turn 63 and retire. I am sliding into more and more intense hypoglycemic episodes. Vertigo, shaking at night, racing thoughts, …just getting awful. I am starting a daily regimen of cinnamon and chromium to see the results. I am mainly interested in natural management of this condition, as I distrust medicines.
A lot of you look to have much worse conditions than I. My problems may seem trivial. In any event, I would very much appreciate communicating with others and exchanging ideas.

@Rodulf Nothing is trivial when it comes to diabetes. Hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) is serious business, Please tell us more about yourself, are you diagnosed with diabetes, if so what type.

Not diagnosed…yet. My hypoglycemia has been getting worse over the last few years and I just wonder if Type 2 is in my future.

I was a bit confused when you say you are hypoglycemic. Hypoglycemia is not generally a symptom of Type2 unless you are taking certain medications. There are conditions that can cause it that are not diabetes.

My questioning is meant to help and not meant to be accusatory.

Do you check your blood glucose with a meter, especially during times that you are having symptoms, How do you know its hypoglycemia. I am concerned that you may have misdiagnosed yourself.

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Well, I suppose I don’t really know…definitely linked to eating/not eating…no, I don’t use a glucose meter…What else could be causing symptoms of hypoglycemia?

I understand you are trying to help and I appreciate it!

I guess my aim here has been to convince you to discuss this with your doctor. The symptoms you describe may be serious or they may be nothing. It is in your best interest to pursue them farther than just asking questions here.

I nor anyone else here can diagnose you, we are not doctors, we can only make suggestions. If you truly are hypoglycemic there is the possibility of a condition called “Reactive Hypoglycemia”, I do not want you to take my guess, You may not even have hypoglycemia. Only a doctor can make that call.

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Lots of things from blood pressure issues to low iron and yes hypoglycemia. You really do need to see a Dr. for some blood tests to determine if it is something serious. If it is hypoglycemia then getting a blood glucose testing kit from your pharmacy will give you some answers but even if the machine says that your BG is lower than normal you still need to see a Dr. to find out if there is a root cause that can be addressed.

In the mean time you could try treating your symptoms with fast acting sugars like glucose or skittles, smarties, etc. just as long as the treatment you choose is low in fat so that there is no delay in your body absorbing the sugar. Btw, I don’t think that vertigo or racing thoughts are generally symptoms of hypoglycemia. Blurred vision, shakiness, incoherent thought processes, extreme hunger and even nausea are what I would generally think of when experiencing hypo symptoms.

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Just to add my 2.cents…there are also 2 types of non-diabetic hypoglycemia, reactive and fasting. Both have additional medical implications that should be addressed by a Dr.

Reactive hypoglycemia often predicts type 2, especially if it occurs about 4 hours after a carby meal.

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