Reactive Hypoglycemia Symptoms

Hello everyone,

Nice to meet you all on this forum. Have read some very interesting posts before making an account here.

I struggle with Reactive Hypoglycemia, i have been told to eat more protein, low carbohydrate and more fat to ease my symptoms. I must say it is working but it is very hard getting used to this diet.

What i wondered for advice, is in a few months, i have to travel alot for work and will be staying at various hotels. I might not always get the time to eat everything perfectly low carbohydrate as i will be on the go. Has anyone tried any herbs that might help decrease insulin release or slow down the digestion process, my dietitian will be talking to me about this on my next appointment, which is in another 2 months.

If anyone has any experience with any herbs or medications that helped with their Reactive Hypoglycemia i would be grateful. I know some people have had success with Cinnamon and this eases their symptoms despite adding more carbohydrate to their meals.