Hypotension? What did you do?

My kineys are still working properly, mostly, with the help of meds.

I am taking metolozone, bumex, and spironolactone. Because of the metolozone and bumex, I have to supplement with potassium chloride.

So, I have been really weak lately, and I thought "It is either low potassium or low albumen.", but I was wrong. It turns out my blood pressure is low.

I saw the nephrologist yesterday. He leaves me in a room for 5-10 minutes before he comes in. He takes the blood pressure himself, properly, because he doesn't trust anyone else, is my guess. My blood pressure was 98/65 sitting. He had me stand for a minute, and then standing up it was 70/something. He said it didn't matter what the "something" was, because you are likely to faint if the difference between your top number sitting and standing is 20. He was more concerned that I didn't feel light headed when it dropped 28 points. He said that it is normal to have a difference of 5 points from sitting to standing. So, he told me to start taking Sudafed to raise my blood pressure. If that doesn't work, then he will give me a prescription for something stronger. I don't have hypoglycemia unawareness, but I guess I have hypotension unawareness. = )

Have any of you had trouble with low blood pressure when your kidneys weren't so well, and what did you do to resolve it?

I had dangerously low blood pressure as a result of the emergency room over-medicating me when my pressure was 210/180. They gave me 3 rounds of medication before it came down. They sent me home…it contimued to drop…bottoming out at 52/40…perhaps even lower! My nephrologist called me repeatedly checking to see if drinking tons of water (his suggestion) helped to raise my pressure–it did.

Thanks. I will try drinking more water and see if that works.

You know…if you are also suffering a hypoglycemic episode, this would not be prudent. Also keep in mind that if it raises your low standing BP, it will also raise your sitting BP.