More results

The result of the STAT bloodwork is in…

Magnesium, 1.2.

I have a couple of choices here.
Double my magnesium doses to 1600 mg/day (orally).See if that causes dierrea. If it doesn’t, I might maintain the level over the weekend.

Do nothing, take what I have been taking + let it reach critical sometime late tomorrow night.

If it causes dierrea, that will invoke greater magnesium loss + I’ll be up the creek again. There has to be a better system then visiting the ER on a twice a week basis. My doctor is not being that helpful…there is a limit to how much I can take.(orally) I have an appointment with a nephrologist (Sep.23), that is a long time away. Husband flies in tonight.(going back Thursday) WHAT PART OF I CAN’T TAKE ALOT OF MAGNESIUM DOES SHE NOT UNDERSTAND?(doc) I’m really trying here. I feel the effects of low magnesium, at this level I’m shaky + have muscle spasms and at under 1 I’m dizzy + my heart starts racing. Recheck it next Thursday, yeah, that’ll happen. At the rate I’m losing, I’ll be minus 2.2 by then.

I’m going to Hopkins, there is something seriously screwed up with my kidneys + no one is getting it. I need a world class facility + the fact that there will be tons of medical students in the picture doesn’t really matter. If Hopkins doesn’t know what is going on then I really am screwed.

Heidi-- this sucks. I wish someone would really address the problem. When are you going to Hopkins? Is that the Sept 23 appointment?

Hang in there… I’m thinking about you.

yes that is the 23rd appt but if I have to go the ER again, if I go to Hopkins maybe they’ll address the problem then and there. They have plenty of nephrologists on staff.

Oh Heidi I am sorry you are going through this. Major suckage. Please take care of yourself until the appt. You are intelligent and a pro-active medical consumer andI know you are capable of sifting through all the junk along the way.
BTW, I went to a teaching hospital for one of my episodes of DKA and the med students had never seen somebody with a bg of 561 - they looked sort of pale and didn’t want to get near the bed…

Kathy wht the heck, did they think you were contagious or something? I was over 400 when I was dka and other than stomach pain I felt ok and the doctors and nurses couldnt believe i could get up and walk around. They kept telling me I was really sick and almost died, how could i just be walking around. lol. they have weird ideas don’t they.

Heidi, sorry didn’t mean to ignore your problem, yes i would definately be hounding them to come up with something. there is nothing worse than not being taken seriously when you have aproblem. i have had to change two of my doctors for that very reason. if that is what it takes to get someone to listen to you then just go to Hopkins, and act like you didn’t know you weren’t supposed to just show up…they really won’t have much choise but to treat you.good luck and i hope you get someone to listen and deal with your problem soon. hugs, karen