Hypothyroid and blood sugar

I have hyprthyroid problems though right now my level is great 1.2 The problems is my blood sugar level was high After losing 25 lbs and watching my diet and taking vitamins my blood sugar levels are in the 80’s to under 110. I know the thyroid can tweak my blood suagr numbers Has any one had this problem I want to get control over the blood sugar I am wondering if my thyroid was the fondation of all of this If my thyroid is doing good will my blood sugar do okay too


I have hypothyroid disease also and if your thryroid is out of control, your bg’s will be also.

I am on Levothyroxine because I wasn’t making enough of the hormone.This happened after the birth of my youngest.I hadn’t noticed much difference in my sugars.They asked me if I felt more tried than usual.

They just bumped me from 50mcg of Levothyroxine to 100mcg. Should I expect wacky numbers until my body adjusts??

Thanks for replying I was beginning to feel like no one was hearing me at the doctors I really don’t remember being told that my thyroid could cause all of theis Right now my thyroid numbers are really good and my bg numbers on the whole are below 110 I worry though if my thYroid numbers go up then what My nest test is on the 8th of dec so I will see Right now I only take Levothyroxine 75mg but I am showing sings of a goiter So I am just holding my breath that the tests will turn out okay

I wish I had an aswer about wacky numbers for I am going through the same thing If my thyroid numbers are great will the bg numbers be good Then how do I keep my thyroid number great The endo told me that alot of doss of meds that are just a guessing game. i have a goiter and I am wondering if the meds were right for the last r5 yaears Right now I am feeling better and I pray that my level will stay at 1.2 The question is how can I fix one thing if it is caused by something that is running amok Good luck

Well to me it seems that no matter what is doing on the bs go crazy…This past April I had gastric bypass surgery. Things were going great the first 3 months and then I stopped losing and starting gaining…I called my doctor and they did my thyroid blood work and my TSH was 12.09, should be under 3 I think…about 4 years ago I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease, which baically means I am allergic to my thyroid. So since surgery I have been up and down and up and down and it’s depressing…I notice that my bs get crazy when my thyroid is crazy too…I was told years ago that my doctors should have put two and two together and realized that sooner or later I would also have diabetes. That’s what they told me, now if it’s true I don’t know, but have been told that a few times by other doctors…I am taking 400mcg of levothyroxine and 60 mg of Armor Thyroid

Good Luck

I was started on liothyronine about a month ago–a low dose of 3 mcg twice a day. Low dose because I’m small. Don’t know if this is the same as levothyroxine. I have very high thyroid antibodies (Hashimoto’s), but I’m still putting out enough hormone (though barely), not to be on Armour or Synthroid quite yet. Hypothyrodism runs in my family, but not diabetes.

Whether this is coincidental or not, I’ve found that my insulin needs have increased since starting liothyronine. Wondering if anyone else has experienced needing more insulin with thyroid supplementation.

Everything I have read says that there is a correlation between thyroid and diabetes Not everyone who had diabetes has thyroid problems I read somewhere that about 30% do Thr prolbems is that no one told me of the problems the thyroid can cause.

i just subscribe today and my attention was caught by ur posting…Im having problem with my thyroid also.My FT4 is above the reference value which is normal before when im not using insulin…Is it normal…what shoul i do?

I am convinced that problems with thyroid does cause problems with bg For me though all information retty came out of my own research so I kind of question why the medical profession I have seen had not mention this to me Right now I feel pretty good I hope my next blood test will show my levels of thyroid are great There at 1.2 Three months before they were at 3.5 In fact for the last five years they were in the 4 range No one said anything Why the channge I don’t know and the doctor could not give me an answer IAs far as bg levels testing 4 times a day they are on the average about 90 they are low at this time I am not on med. but I am on a definite vitamin regimen I worry alot of what can and will happen if my levels decide to change

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I haven’t written anything in such a long time Life has just taken over to much Anyway I changed doctors when medical insurance changed The new doctor took a diabetes blood test and then told me I don’t have diabetes It seems that all these problems were caused by my thyroid It still a struggle even though I am not on the generic thyroid medicine anymore (I am on the real stuff)and am taking high doses of D The problem is my cholestrol which is influence by my thyroid I have become an adamant supporter of testing the thyroid and if the doctor tells me the thyroid does not cause these problems I move on. I just want to get it right and I don’t think that is asking to much

While not everyone who is Diabetic has Hypothyroidism, and not everyone who has Hypothyroidism has Diabetes, for many people (including myself), a diagnosis of Hypothyroidism has triggered many other complications. They are both autoimmune diseases that are very closely interconnected, and often have many of the same symptoms. The main problem with Thyroid disease is the out of control metabolic complications. An out of control Thyroid can make it incredibly hard to metabolize some foods (particularly carbohydrates), and can lead to extreme insulin resistance. In some cases, consumption of certain foods high in Iodine, can lead to an autoimmune attack on the Thyroid (such as in Hashimoto’s Thyroditis). This combination of the vicious cycle between Metabolic Resistance and Insulin Resistance is what is now considered “The Metabolic Syndrome.” The short of it is that yes, for many, the Thyroid can be the foundation for many other autoimmune illnesses, such as Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome… and it can definitely lead to harder to control weight gain, and a rise in BG levels. Kristin has already mentioned our new group, and you are all more than welcome to join, and start discussions, exchange ideas, etc. :))

I don’t think so. Mostly, out of control numbers happen when your TSH levels are way higher than what they should be, as they put great stress on the body. Doctors often start persons on a low dose of Levothyroxine, or Synthroid, such as 50 or 100, to help the body slowly adjust to the extra added hormones. This gradual increase will help everything settle more naturally.

Some of the problems related to goiters, are an excessive consumption of Iodine high content foods, like soy products, and an excessive consumption of fluoride. Such things as water with extra fluoride in it, are not good for the thyroid, and can be quite toxic. One should limit fluoride to topical application, only. Also, limit soy consumption to maybe twice a week, and do not purchase iodized salt. Most foods we consume have a good amount of Iodine in them, and since we do not live in the dark ages anymore of poor nutrition, we do not need to rely on Iodized salt anymore. Excessive iodine can trigger an autoimmune attack on the thyroid. “Guessing game” is quite frankly, the wrong wording. Doctors do with the Thyroid what we do with a glucometer, and our blood sugars. Measure reactions. They adjust meds according to these reactions when given a certain dosage of hormones. That being said, many docs are just clueless as to the Thyroid, so if you find your doctor doesn’t communicate well with you, and is not on top of the latest developments on the thyroid, it might be time to find a second doctor, and perhaps one who more specializes on the Thyroid.

I have needed 50% more insulin since starting thyroid meds–endo said an increase in insulin need is expected.

It is not a coincidence, Gerri… Since the autoimmune reactions are very similar, most people who are Type 1, also have a some Hypothyroidism in their families.

Thanks, Denise.

I am curious here. My TSH came back normal however Bernstein in his webcasts talks about T-3 and T-4 being tested individually. Has anyone had that done beyond the standard TSH test? Dr B said the TSH test doesnt tell you everything. Dr B said 50% of his patients coming into his diabetic clinic have thyroid problems