Thyroid and Lows to leveling off? Ok now I am confused!

I was at the endo for the first time since my diagnosis about a month ago and I am on a thyroid pill as well. Now that my A1c came down I was having lows before lunch and some before dinner too usually within a half hour before at most. They (my endo and his assistant) called me yesterday and said since I was having lows that I should strongly consider the pump but, when I read him my numbers since the thyroid pill went from 50mcg to 100mcg all of my numbers seemed to have leveled off. I am in the 80’s-90’s in the am 70’s-80’s pre lunch 70’s-90’s pre dinner and 90’s-100’s before bed. I was surprisingly confused that even after a healthy thanksgiving meal the highest I have been since was 136.


LOL, funny title. When my thyroid is out of whack my bg’s are too:) it’s all connected to the endocrine system (I think I said that right) diabetes and thyroid has a connection:)

So as a result of the thyroid med being at a better level for me my insulin needs may decrease? or am I getting a head of myself???

Thanks as always for the reply :slight_smile:

Ron I think the toughest part of T1.5 is that you are still making quite a bit of insulin on your own. It’s almost like saying “your doing great … but don’t get used to it” As your body stops making it’s own insulin, your need for injected insulin will increase. I have hypothyroid too and it took me a year to get my synthroid dose right (or i should say it took a year for my body to kill off my thyroid!). I never really saw a correlation between thyroid and blood sugar - but I did see one with thyroid and chlosterol. YMMV. hope you are well.

lol, your getting ahead of yourself:)

Hello Ron,
Have you been screened for celiac disease?

I was diagnosed w/ hypothyroidism 14 years ago, diabetes 4 years ago and anemia off and on all along, what a lovely endocrine system I have, I wonder what is next.

Hi Ron,
You are correct. As your thyroid meds get to a better level the insulin needs can decrease. Everything DOES tie in together. So that is why it is very important that you get the correct dosage for the thyroid so it can do it’s part in your metabolism. The amount of insulin that I use got better when we got my thyroid working better and also several other things got a bit better too. But you may see a time when the insulin dosage begins to creep up again. Just wait it out and you and your doc can keep an eye on it. Your numbers are really good and right on target. Give it about 2 or 3 months and just watch to see what they do. If they stay steady then you are good. If you need a litle more insulin then you can do that too. It is always nice to see when something helps

Just to add on to what Saundra said…you want to male sure when you have your A1C tested to also request thyroid test also:)

I am asking because of one of my diabetic kids with hypothyriodism needed to increase his thyroxine to bring TSH to normal,BG was getting low frequently,I suspected malabsorption and screened him for celiac disease which can cause that,but thanks God,he was not.

They said Hashimotos disease to me actually. As the dose of levothyroxine went to 100mcg from 50mcg about a week ago I have seen my I night time levels creep downward a bit and my other levels were maintained.

This is why I love this site. So many of you give such great input!!!
I am so glad you are all here and willing to share your thoughts!!!

In that respect my endo has been great he wants to test each time I see him.
I was told to expect to see him twice a year and his assistant twice a year.
Thank you !!!

Thank You!!!

Thank you !!!