My most recent blood work revealed an elevated TSH and lower Free T4. Both, however, are still considered in the “normal” range, but just barely. I’ve read on here and other sites that hypothyroidism in people with T1D is fairly common. I don’t seem to have any of the typical symptoms, other than being cold (but I do sit near a leaky window at work, and it’s winter).

Any insights from the T1D community?

Obviously discuss the results with your Doc. Aside from that, if you have not already, then you may want to consider running labwork for Thyroid Antibodies.

Performing periodic six month follow up labwork on the Thyroid Function (TSH/T4) will help you see whether the results you see now are staying where they are or if the results continue to change/climb.

I do think the reference range for TSH is a whole lot “fuzzier” then many other lab tests. This is an area where I think symptoms really need to be strongly taken into consideration in addition to test results to get the best and most complete picture.


I’ve also heard hypothyroidism is fairly common, being another autoimmune disorder. I’m not sure you need to demonstrate any symptoms before your TSH level indicates treatment is required. At least, I didn’t have any symptoms. It was the blood result alone that got my endo to prescribe hormone replacement.


I have hyperthyroid. My favorite online and in print reference for many years has been the work of Mary Shomon. I dont know if her online work is still current but her info has really really helped me out. Yes, thyroid and Diabetes can run together.