I almost had my own memorial day weekend!

Ugg, this weekend was a real drag. I felt like I was dying. And I'm not feel that much better today even.

I got the flu on Thursday. Which had me vomiting and diarrhea till early morning hours of Friday. I had become so dehydrated, that at some point I decided to go to the hospital. It was just too reminiscent of my previous DKA episodes. So I take a ride in the ambulance to the closet ER.

Luckily though, it was just the flu. Or was it? Just the flu, saying that as a type 1 diabetic, I just feel wrong. But the Dr's felt like all was OK with me, and sent me home after some re-hydration, and a diagnosis of "Vomiting and Abdominal pain". Although I'm pretty sure those are the symptoms not the actual issue. But what do I know, I'm not a Dr..

So, I spent like 10 hours in the ER, and I felt fine the rest of that day, no more vomiting, but I think they doped me up pretty good with anti-nausea pills. Because the next day... I was right back in the same position, went to bed feeling sick, and vomiting and diarrhea all night.

Needless to say, I automatically assume that they were wrong the first time, and that it might be something else. So since the symptoms were so similar to DKA, I decided to check my Ketones. Well, I did have large amounts of ketones in my urine.

So, back to the ER I go, I'm getting friendly with the local Ambulance Co. They really like me this month. This time I profess that I'm in DKA, large Ketones and all.

Although this time, I'm a lot less polite about the situation. Obviously they missed something the first time. I'm not letting that happen again. Unfortunately, at some point they gave something so strong that it knocked me out hard. I was still conscious, I could hear them talking, but I couldn't move or talk myself. I remember this euphoric feeling. Until I hear them say, "they are giving me 10 units of R insulin." In my state, I can't even tell them that my TDD is only 50, and 10 units is more than I usually take with meals.

The next thing I know, they are waking me up to send me home. I spent a total of 7 hours in the ER that day. Most of it unconscious. So they give me a bunch of anti-nausea prescriptions. And tell me to basically take them every few hours for a week.

Since I still feel like crap, even though not nauseous, due to the meds, my blood sugar is soaring, I've got my temp basil up to +50% and am still running in the 200's. I keep doing correction boluses and its just staying high.

So I'm not in Diabetic Ketoacidosis. Which I'm very thankful for, but I really wish this darn flu would give up already!

I don't know what meds you are on. However I had a similar experience recently. My doctor had me on 4 meds to control my blood sugar. After years on the meds. I would complain to my doctor that I have days where I feel like I have the flu. I would be weak, body ached, nausea, headaches, and felt cold even on days when the temp. outside would be in the 90's. Doctor ran blood test, nothing showed. Finally I had enough, found another doctor, he took me off the meds except for Metformin and added insulin. Since I started insulin, I feel like a new person. Hope you feel better soon!

That is exactly how I feel right now... except the nausea. Weak, achy, shivers and a migraine... and my BG is 230 mg/dl. :(

My BG shot up to 300 during the last episode back in April. Wife took me to the emergency room after my doctor would not work me in that day. ER found that I was severely dehydrated, and I felt crazy in my head as well. ER wanted to put in on the crazy ward. I told them no, I'll go home and drink some water. I consulted with my pharmacist about my meds. The combination of meds caused a buildup of Lactic acidosis in my body.

Last time I had the flu, I didn't eat anything for three days and my glucose stayed well above 200 the whole time. I checked and checked, and bolused and bloused. It was nasty, but it finally passed.

My experience has been that the paramedics and the ER and Hospital ARE EVIL!

here is hoping the worst is over, I feel this is one of the worst experiences for a type 1. I took my son to the ER and the doc was like we all have ketones when we are vomiting gggrrhhh! luckily i was there to help manage him or they would of sent him on his way with a bs of 50! the nicer ER doc was like wow this is my longest discharge ever hmmmmm maybe I educated him a tad for his next type 1 pt. they really had no clue how to handle him. hang in there and be thankful this bug will be hopefully not visiting you for some time! amy

They are so freakin' stupid in my ER. As Gina said, EVIL/
I do hope you are over it by now.
Last August I had a similar situation and my bp went so low every time I stood up I'd fall down - just sort of sink. Good thing I never hit my head or knocked out a tooth.
I had to call the ambulance. I was in the hosp for 4 days and had a bunch of ultrasounds and scopes, etc. The GE doc was furious when he found nothing. On the discharge papers he wrote, "patient probably ate tainted food at the state fair....
Go figure.

Well, this 'flu' has yet to kick. I was back at the ER yesterday, with more vomiting and diarrhea! Wonderful! Same ole, same ole, get me hydrated, and ship me off with anti-nausea meds. I made it most of the week, relying on them meds to keep anything down. I have to chew really slowly, and take deep breaths, just to eat.

I see my PCP today, and will see the Endo on Thrus., hope I can get some other direction that just rest, and load up on anti-nausea.

I hope you start feeling better. I know a lot of people who have the flu here, and it is a nasty one. Do get the rest, if you can!

Another update; Well, I never made it to the PCP... a couple hours after my last post, I took another ride in the Ambulance to the ER.

Same symptoms, couldn't stop vomiting even with the anti-nausea. This time, they didn't start treating me right away... actually they put me in the waiting room, for 4 hours before they took me back. Here's a pic my wife took of me lying on the ER waiting room floor.![|375x480](upload://pehYChqaztBUwQomU5HwuwrCaOM.jpeg)

So, I demanded to be admitted. Of course this time I was indeed in DKA... I blame the 4 hour wait and the ER staff for that.

Well, now its another week later. I feel better finally, but yet, I sit here in the hospital wondering how things will go when they release me tomorrow. I stopped the anti-nausea today, and I'm able to keep food down.

They are blaming this whole incident (all 3 weeks of it) on Gastroparesis.