Trying to be a "good" diabetic. Am I doing this sick day thing right?

Everytime I get sick it seems like I catch everything imaginable. Right now I am quarantined to my room with an eye infection, ear infection, upper respiratory infection and bronchitis. When I went to the Dr. monday and told them my symptoms they looked at my like I was crazy! After they checked me out they were like, “Wow! you werent lying!” After a shot and a list of Rx’s I started to feel better then I woke up Wednesday feeling worse. My back was hurting, I was sick in my stomach, legs were cramping and I had a spliting head ache. The flu has hit hard here so I went back to the Dr. they changed my Rx’s and I got a chest X-ray because my lungs sounded real bad so they want to rule out pneumonia because I get that and the flu about every other year.

The good news my blood sugar has been good. Im the type when I get sick I totally put diabetes on the back burner and usually go into dka. As of now no keytones and my sugars are higher than usual, but considering how sick I am Im okay with them. I have been doubling up on insulin. Sugar was at 200, Ate half a grilled cheese and took 10 units and 2 hours later 180.

I think I am handling this okay. Still worried about the body cramps and sick in my stomach. Should I keep harassing my drs or see if it gets better.

Gosh, sure hope you feel better soon. Sometime we have to focus on the most acute problem even if the BS suffers a little. Been there, done that. Take care Kim. Just get lots of rest.

Hi Kim:

You mentioned above that one of the things you’re still worried about is “the body cramps…” I understand that a diabetic is suppose to seek care immediately if they have signs of dehydration, such as “Leg cramps.” Hope your worries are gone and you’re feeling better by the time you read my reply. Best regards, Lucy

I’m so sorry you are having to deal with this Kim. Sure hope you get to feeling better real soon. Just make sure to stay hydrated.
Best wishes for a full recovery, and let us know how you are doing.

I would keep them updated on how you feel.I had basicly the same situation back in March.I had the flu symptoms and I ended up in the hospital.I was dehydrated,vomiting,to name a couple.I took an over the counter medication that the pharmacist said would be ok with the medications I’m on.I ended up breaking out with a rash all over and the doctor thought I was bit by a mosquito or something.After a couple of days,I was able to start eating.I even cheated and ate food that would normally spike my sugar.My sugar ended up being 63 and 76.My doctor said to her up to date until my sugar was stable.Lots of luck to you and I hope you feel better.

Hope you feel better soon Kim. I never got sick until I was diagnosed with the D. Now…