I am more than my disease

Hello all! I am new to TuDiabetes and am very excited to discover new PWDs and share my journey :) I think it's sometimes hard to look at the bigger picture of a person when you focus on one aspect, so I'd like to share a bit about myself first.

My name is Molly and I'm 21 years old. I've completed 3 years of college at Kent State University as a Theatre Technical Design major. Currently, I'm taking a break from school to refocus on my health. I enjoy reading very much. I grew up in my local library and am a firm believer in never judging a book by it's cover. I spent the last year in Orlando, FL working at the place where dreams come true: Disney World!

As for my diabetes, Feb. 2012 I will be celebrating 10 years as a Type 1 diabetic. This past year has presented itself with many obstacles that I refuse to succumb to. In March 2011, I was hospitalized for the first time since diagnoses for Diabetic Ketoacidosis. I was naive and still very much not taking care of myself at that point, as I had an A1c of 15.3%. At the time I was hospitalized, I was not seeing an endocronoligist and switched from my Minimed insulin pump to syringes. I should have known better, but I thought I was invincible. I clearly had not learned my lesson the first time because I was hospitalized again in May 2011.

I met my current Endo during that hospital stay. It was the biggest blessing I could have asked for. She gave me hope. Hope that I was not a lost cause... that I could FIGHT and I could WIN,

2 days before my 21st birthday, 3 months after my 2nd round with DKA, I had my A1c done again. It was 7.5%. To me, it was the most perfect number in the world. I had successfully brought down my blood sugars enough to literally cut my A1c in half. I had never been more motivated to take control of my health.

However, 3 weeks ago I noticed a black smudge in my line of vision that appeared suddenly. That afternoon I was at my optometrist to get it checked. The morning after I was talking to a retina specialist about proliferative retinopathy and the hemorrhage that had occurred dangerously close to the 20/20 part of my right eye. I started aggressive laser treatments on Dec. 2nd, 2011.

This year I have learned that I am no medical exception to the complications of my disease. I feel that their are too many young diabetics not in control of their diabetes who believe they are beyond help. My goal for 2012 is to use my story to motivate others to show their diabetes who's boss.

Thanks for reading :)

I can relate to your story, being T2 with a A1C of 12 I was hospitalized recently for chest pains, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, crazy TRIGS at 450. I could go on and on. Now I am on insulin and ready to take control of my health and my life in 2012. Bring it on!!!

YES U ARE MORE THAN UR DISEASE!!! I've been in this "fight" since I was 10 and am now 48. If I'm not mistaken u were 11 when u were diagnosed??? That's the same age my daughter was when she was diagnosed with Type 1. She's now a mother to 3 children and a CNA.

I was 11, Doris :) I was the first in my family diagnosed T1 (history of T2 though). I had a second cousin diagnosed with it soon after me. Thank you so much for the positive words!

Glad you were quick to get the black spot checked out and to be so aggressive about treating it! Very close call, but happy you are motivated to manage diabetes, and to motivate others. Very inspiring, so keep it up!