I am new here, starting on new medication

i have been a diabeted far less than a year,Have learned a lot but not enought,what is the right amount of carbs far each meal and far a snack.

i have arthritis really bad, am on new medicine now called arthrotec 50/200 . it has a lot of bad side effects,is any one here on it,and how does it affect you

Welcome to the group. I have not heard of this but I am sure someone has and will give you the information you need.

thank you so very much far answering…i have just started taken it,as of now its not bothering me.my dr. didn’t tell me nothing about it and what i read about it ,it has some pretty bad side affect.i have a pepti ulcer, but halven’t bother me in a while.and i have acute constipation,so i take zelnorm 2 times a day and i use hydrocort allmost everyday.
i have been takeing it with my meals.i just don’t want to cause any more health problem,arthrotec 50/200 is the only medicine thats has stop the pain in my legs.please let me know what you think thank you

If you are taking hydrocortisone for your arthritis, you have to expect to have very high blood sugars, possibly higher than an oral drug can correct. This is one of the side effects of cortisone.

Please read this helpful page: http://alt-support-diabetes.org/newlydiagnosed.htm and follow the tips they give. If you can’t get to the blood sugar targets listed there you need to visit an endocrinologist or another local doctor who has a specialty in treating diabetes and ask for help. Many people I’ve met on the web who have to take cortisone use insulin while they are on the cortisone.

Hi Eunice! I’m new here too. I’ve just been diagnosed with Type 2 in the last 3 months. I have Sjogren’s syndrome - and I’m staying away from steroids at all costs. I have neuropathy from the connective tissue disease anyway - I take Plaquenil - that helps me & but is mostly for people with R.A. & Lupus.
I have really cut carbs a LOT since my diagnosis - mostly I get them from veggies - since my diagnosis I have lost 35 pounds - my sugars are now coming into a good range, so this is working for me. My doc just put me on Metaformin yesterday to see if that will also help with the insulin resistance & weight loss.
I like Glucerna bars for snacks - and I exercise a LOT - I use Leslie Sansone’s Walking Away the Pounds - 5 to 7 miles a day. The Arthritis Foundation recommends her program - and she has a “Walking down your Blood sugar” DVD too. Good Luck to you!