I am pleased!

So I went to the Endo today and got my yearly lab results. After 30 years of diabetes my Creatine is only .79…my BUN was 9 and my microalbumin was only 2!!! My A1C was 6.6%…I was so pleased!!

Congratulations! Well done. Keep up the good work.

Pretty Good for a Man of 30 years. :slight_smile: Way to go. My last results(May) were similar.

Congratulations on the good results,Ryan! Are the first three diabetes tests? I’m unfamiliar with what those are for.

Those are kidney function indicators from a blood test. You should check with your doctor to get them done, if you haven’t. Also important is an annual 24-hour urine collection.

Thats awesome Ryan! =]
Glad to hear the good news!