Do you ever get stuck

…With high blood sugars? Yesterday I was stuck in the lower 200’s. I’d give a correction bolus and test 2 hours later, and bolus again. I went to bed around midnight, changed my infusion set, and still woke up at 231. What gives? Sometimes things just don’t make sense!

Dontcha just hate it! I had a day like yours a couple of days ago. So frustrated that I brought my insulin back to the pharmacy & got a new vial. Not sure if it was off, but it gave me the illusion that I was actually doing something to help those crazed numbers.

Yeah, actually that’s been happening to me today… If I get really high I’ll do a shot, but I usually just wait for it to pass and check my sugars a lot…

Well, I finally managed to drive it down. It only took detailing both of our cars inside and out, in 40 degree weather! At least my Dex finally stopped screaming at me.

YES, it happens to me every so often!!! I just DO NOT GET IT!!! I can bolus and bolus and bolus and finally it will work!! Sometimes I give myself a shot…But, I also have days of lows where no matter what I do my BS will not rise and then hours later my BS has shot up tremendously!! Go figure.

yeah,and it really sucked
like when I eat something and get my insulin ,after two hours I test and find it 270
I am not a good diabetic usually,so when I am in the mood,and take my insulin,I expect it to be affecting :slight_smile:

It really does suck! I use my infusion sets like Dave (Sure T_ and have changed them out but I also when I get a run if highs give myself a shot of insulin if it gets too out of conreol.

Happens to me all the time.
Can’t get the sugars down or can’t get them up.
I’m on a rollercoaster ride it seems.
It can be a host of many things. ie, infection, even something like sinuses, or skipped meal, or stress and women how about those monthy hormones? lol Also, I’ve been diabetic now 18 years and it’s just been this year that I learned high bg’s in the am can be caused by all the hormones we need to wake up in the morning.
So frustrating though, especially when you bust your butt to get them down and nothing works.