I apologize to the owner of the transmitter I should have gotten

So, first day with Dex G5. Insertion went fine, not anywhere as bad as I thought it would be. Attempted to pair it with the receiver… Nada. iPhone, Nada. Called Dexcom, troubleshooting for 3 hours… Nada. Removed brand new sensor and transmitter, resisted chucking it out the window. New insertion, fine. Transmitter links right up.
While waiting for Moe (super nice dude) to call back, I remove the sensor and realize the SN on the back of the transmitter doesn’t match the box. Some one, some where, has my F transmitter and I have their H. Explain to Moe when he calls back and he confirms the boxes got mixed up. I’m sending H back and getting a new sensor/transmitter.
I really hope everyone is better at checking the back than me… Before they jabbed themselves (or their child!).

Thanks for the reminder to check. I have never done that.