Receiver and transmitter both lost

i came home to put on a new sensor after having a failed one. i was looking for the transmitter and the receiver. i think i left it at my best friend’s house but she cant find it. i looked in my bags, etc and i cant find it.

what do you guys do when you lost them both? how do you deal with it when it comes to calling dexcom? im waiting for approval for the g6 from my company i use for my supplies. but i feel naked without them.


Why did you remove the transmitter from the sensor before you got home?

i have no idea why i did that to be honest. i think it prepare it for the next sensor.

I’d call Dexcom and tell them the sensor fell off and you didn’t realize it, now you have no idea where they are. I would not tell them you removed the transmitter and misplaced it.

i was thinking that but what do i tell them about missing the receiver?

No idea. Ask @Dave44 if you have to send back a broken one. If not, tell them you dropped it in the toilet.

thanks…i do have slippery hands of course :)…ill update on what happened :slight_smile:

IIRC, they will do a one-time replacement for $200.

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Do you need the receiver? Which system are you using? If G5 or later, can you just use your phone?

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you can just use your phone? i didnt know that…i thought you needed the receiver to use the phone app. i have the G5 that i lost. which i hope to go to my friends house and look again. if i can just use my phone that would make me happy. im to hear today about whether the G6 will be approved by my secondary insurance. that is when the company i use for my supplies said. so hopefully ill have good news but im like i dont know where i am at but i can still check my levels obviously

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Just use the app on your phone. Download the clarity app as well.

i have the clarity app :)…i downloaded that before i downloaded the G5 app. so i do have both…i downloaded the G6 app for when i do get approved and get it in the mail

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It’s not the clarity app, but the regular Dexcom app. I have the G5 and have never once used a receiver with it (haven’t since upgrading from the G4).

interesting…good to know if i find the transmitter before i find the receiver. i hope its somewhere in my friend’s house…its not in my bag and not at my boyfriends house. so its gotta be there.

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@amy2 What did you use for transportation between the two places? Check there too!

It’s my boyfriends car and I checked tonight and it isn’t there :frowning:

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got approved for the G6 through my secondary insurance. now i wait for medicare to cover it so the time when i need a new transmitter im good…if not i can do the G5 for a while…