I/C Ratios

Just out of curiousity, would anyone care to share their I/C ratios?
Also since I switched to the pump mine are different based on what time of day it is as b/f on shots I had the same I/C ratio all day.

Mine are
1U to 20cb 10P to 7A
1U to 28cbs 7A to 10P

Has anyone found that these are more based on your weight? Mine have always seemed to be sort of random to me. They’ve never really coincided with my weight.

Just want to know what others are doing or thinking!

my I/C ratio is always 13 carbs to 1 unit of insulin.

Mine is 1 to 8 carbs. I haven’t really considered carb ratio’s association with weight though…

My I/C ratio’s are still changing… but for now they are 12 a.m. - 7 a.m. 12gr/1u. 7 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. 10gr/1u. 1:30 p.m. - 12 a.m. 12gr/1u.

On average, I don’t eat much after breakfast until bedtime. My basal calculations are my weirdest to figure out. I’m getting anal about them. Anyone else?

When I was still taking shots my I/C ratio was closer to you guys so far, now it seems like I can eat a ton with little insulin, wonder why that is…
I’d like to be on a lower carb diet but I always seem to be hungry and can’t seem to get my weight down even with exercise. I was counting calories for a month, was having about 1800 to 2000 a day and felt like I was starving if I ate less than the 2000, I could eat alot more some days. I’m trying to still be very aware of the amts I eat. Anyone else have the same problem?

my cde set up my basal and all the i/c ratios etc, it took me about a month to fine tune them, I think they are pretty good now.

Currently 1:10. I started carb counting in the mid-90s and I don’t think I’ve ever had it larger than 1:15. Lowest would be 1:8 to combat some morning insulin resistance.

Alesha, I spent my whole young adult diabetic life wishing I could safely lose weight and never feeling like I could without lows and hunger. I tried Weight Watchers last year and shed 30 of the 35 pounds I wanted to lose in only 6 months. Then I started trying to conceive, so I stopped doing the program, but I found it was VERY conducive to carb counting without me having to focus on caloric restriction. I decreased my average total daily dosage by 10 units on the program, too. And eating less helped me drop my A1c by almost a whole percentage point.

My I/C is always 1U to 5g carbs. When I started It was different at dinner time but while I was watching my numbers I realized that if I ate a late dinner my blood sugar would start rising without my eating anything! Once I finished adjusting the basal rates (I hope I’m finished anyway) my ratio was constant throughout the day. This may be different for me because my ratio is so high though. If you’re using less insulin to cover the carbs then it makes sense that your body will notice the differences more strongly. And the times your using more insulin are when you’re sleeping (I assume) so that may be due to a high activity level during the day and then the body needing a little extra help when you’re not active.

Mine is 1:7
Correction factor 1:74 12AM-8AM
1:37 8AM-8PM hmm wonder what happens if I have a late meal
Basal Program 1.00 U/hr 12AM-8:AM
0.95 U/hr 8AM-8PM
1.00 U/hr 8PM-

I exercise during the day, for about 1.5hr but I’m not very active as my health is kind of bad. My basal rate is .55 an hr for most of the day and .70 an hr at night(during sleep). I did the no eating thing to make sure I was getting the proper basal rate so I don’t think I’m relying on any one thing more than I should be.
Thanks Melissa for the WW tip. I was eating their food, just not really using them as a service. However I do exercise at least four times a week.

For me, 1unit covers 20 grams which is convenient for doing the math to bolus!

6am-11am = 1:10
11am-5pm = 1:12
5pm-6am = 1:9

I have been using the Pod less than a year, and my docotr is still tweaking my settings. I have used 1U/6G carbs since I started on the Pod.


I’m 1:7 24/7.

1 to 5 during the day and 1 to 6 around evening meal time

Mine is 1U to 5 carbs. This is the same ratio I used when I was on MDI routine as well. It works best for me. The endo did try to raise it initially but the numbers were not good. Asd soon as I returned to the 1:5 ratio my BG were significantly better.

My correction factor is 1U to lower my BG by 20 points.

1:22 24 hours a day

my basals are the hardest to figure out, too!! i’m super frustrated all the time! sometimes i think it’s the bolus i give or when i eat a little more carbs that day, but then i think it’s my basals…craziness, always! :wink:

i’ve always wondered if weight watchers would work for a T1…maybe i should try it! :wink: